Monday 13 February 2017

What's Left?

It’s 2017 but the prowling malcontents of the fantastically diverse and disparate bundles of hypocrisy and hatred are still banging on about what happened in 2016. The feminists are teaming up with apologists for the religion of women second, the vegans are as one with the carnivore and wee Owen Jones will go to any lengths to remain as relevant as he ever was. There is no interview from which he is not prepared to stamp out at a moment’s notice over the slenderest imagined slight. These days I can’t think of Owen without picturing him being breast-fed by Polly Toynbee, after one of his little episodes.

What’s got them so wound up? Not a peep when Anjem Choudary’s goons declared death to the West. No great outcry when despots and dictators have been entertained by the British state in all its pomp. Faced with the horrific and public crimes of islamic extremism they even blamed it on climate change, rather than confront the brutal truth. Actual genocides brought about by left-wing ideologues have been excused, so what could have possibly happened for them to now unleash their fury? They don’t like Donald Trump.

Scratch that. They hate Donald Trump. They hate him in a way so vicious an ISIS jihadi would be left queasy. The left say, repeatedly, that the right will deny basic human rights, yet there is no evidence that any such thing has happened under Tory or Republican governments. Yes, in the UK governments have placed restrictions on things such as wildcat strikes and on a handful of troublemakers being able to cripple an entire industry by calling out the workers at the drop of a hat and a dozen votes. But that’s the job of government – to protect its citizens from the harm such selfish actions can cause; it’s hardly a hate crime.

And in order to better provide for those in need, access to easy welfare has been tightened and the excesses of socialism curbed where possible, with the general approval of those who pay for it all. But the confused and uneasy bedfellows of the anti-Trumpers scream and ululate whenever a vaguely right-wing politico even opens his mouth. And when Donald Trump doesn’t enact a total muslim ban, which he perhaps should do, but instead puts Obama’s watch list to use, they go apoplectic. How... DARE he? In their head he is personally barbecuing brown babies and putting their parents to the sword. He is, in their fevered imagination, committing bloody atrocities with the complicity of the ‘literal Nazis’ of the right wing press.

But look at the left hand side of the balance sheet. Whenever Labour get into power – and thankfully, that’s the only form of left we’ll ever see in the big chair this side of the revolution they keep promising – they immediately set out to spend, spend, spend and stir up the hornet’s nest of division. They set taxpayers against everybody else and force misery on every sector of society dependent on the state’s intervention. Schools, healthcare, law and order, all are bent out of shape and rendered unfit for purpose under the stewardship of the left. They can’t stand the idea that they have any culpability but it’s always the right who have to wrest the nation’s consciousness back from the embrace of socialist Soma and get them back out to work again.

Elsewhere left wing, big state administrations have brought disaster, prosecuting policies which have generated poverty and misery for millions. But that is ignored; here in the still relatively free west the left rally their assembly of misanthropes with all their bigotries into a unified hate fest directed at one brash man. They will deny him a platform. They will shout him down. They will disrupt others in order to pursue their agenda. They will encourage violence and civil unrest – all freedoms they enjoy because bigger men, stronger men, proud, patriotic men fought for their right to do so. The sheer hypocrisy of the mob would be staggering, were it not in our faces every day.

In the name of multiculturalism and in the face of its failure they embrace every form of diversity except diversity of thought. And as for the supposed hatred of the right, let people be judged by their actions, not by the fevered imaginations of a bunch of stupid, cosseted children.

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  1. nicely put. As for the leftard approach to the stark reality of truth not their sole preserve, just shows their ignorance of all things human.