Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Beyond Brexit

Aaaand, we’re back on Brexit. Listening to bits of the ‘debate’ yesterday I heard the exact same thing we’ve been hearing for knocking on eight months now. “Boo hoo, the old people stole the future from our young people!” Really? Do fuck off. Many of the oldest people, who are so spittily despised by the Remoaners had to pick this country back up off its arse and rebuild it after the war. They voted to leave the despotic EU because they know exactly what freedom means; they took what little they had and they made do. And look at the thanks they get now, after all the heavy lifting has been done.

Quislings like Nick Clegg are either wilfully, malevolently lying or they genuinely have zero regard for the will of the slim majority who voted to leave and believe all the sort of bullshit that spews from the mouth of the idiots, like Verhofstadt who are vehemently anti-Britain, in or out. The speakers who oppose Brexit talk of a changed country, of being ‘devastated’ by the referendum result, of scarcely believing the nasty turn they think this signals, as if intruders have scaled their gated compound gates and begun raping their daughters.

And the rest of us look on, listen and wonder for how long they can keep up this incredible display of sheer ignorance. Ignorance is not being used as a pejorative here because, unless as I’ve suggested they are actually lying through their rictus grins, they must be quite literally ignorant of the lives of the people they purport to lead. Representative democracy? Representing who? Representing, it seems, those of a similar mindset to themselves regardless of the daily realities of the majority of the people who voted.

The majority, in any nation, does not have the privilege of being able to ignore, or rise above, or pay their way out of the effects of legislation imposed from above. In the words of the song ‘It’s the same the whole world over, it’s the poor wot gets the blame. It’s the rich wot gets the pleasure. Ain’t it all a fucking shame?’ And despite decades of politically correct thought-engineering to beat the peasants into believing they are unworthy to cast their ballot, that their despicable xenophobic, bigoted ways disenfranchises them, they came out to protest, quietly, on the 23rd of June last year. The people have indeed, spoken.

But they must have misspoken because the clown car of Westminster is still careering round the ring, crashing into all in its way as the mad, big-trousered, wild-haired occupants honk and gurn and whip their audience up into a frenzy... They resemble nothing so much as those thousands of sore losers taking to the streets to show the world how marvellous they are and how low are those who dared to oppose the settled position. Well, listen up, ladies and gentlemen... and politicians.

Oh yes, Anna... you as well.

You say you fear for the future of your children? Your children have been handed the best opportunity they will ever have to rebuild a nation. This war isn’t about to start. It’s almost over and the cost has been devastating. We lost, to the EU, self-confidence, independence and the national identity which once conquered the world. It was given away without consent – the surrender was signed without a fight – but the resistance has been quietly watching, building consensus and biding our time. The older generation once gave their all to secure their children’s future. This time it’s up to a new generation to rebuild on cleared foundations.


  1. Excellent. Love the image of the clown car.

    1. That image did actually make me LOL!