Friday, 9 March 2018

Revolting Peasants

With the jailing of Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding vanishes the last vestiges of any notion that the establishment is on the side of the English. While you might thoroughly despise Fransen & Golding for their openly patriotic and jingoistic views and their demonising of the islamic community as a whole, you would have to be pretty partisanally left-wing to agree that jail time is an appropriate corrective. Jail; where they both risk actual physical harm – something they never inflicted on their antagonists – for standing up for what they believe. 

Not a single mosque desecrated – and I, for one, would happily see these offensive eyesores bulldozed into rubble – nobody tortured, no rabid ranting about and incitement to violence and certainly no trail of severed heads; they have never, under police protection stopped the traffic and displayed a show of contempt for the law and greater society. While they might have expressed their feelings with some vehemence, their crusade has always remained within what they understood of the law and been motivated by beliefs which have effectively been made shameful.

This cultural apartheid – where proud English people (Scots, Welsh & Irish are exempted from the opprobrium) are effectively forbidden from demonstrating a love for their heritage – is breaking up the nation far more effectively than an invading force ever could. Perceived hate crime is pursued and prosecuted vigorously, while actual perpetrators of violent and frequently fatal savagery are accorded the full courtesy of the human rights they would so readily deny others.

Something is wrong; something is rotten and it has its roots in the same fertile lowlands that gave rise to Brexit, Trump, AfD, MS5 and all the populist movements across the world. Fransen and Golding and ‘Tommy Robinson’ and for that matter Katie Hopkins and Pat Condell are the public faces of those who dare to speak out. They do not represent a tiny minority of dangerous ‘far-right’ activists. Rather they represent a great many millions of civilised, decent, hard-working, humble people who see their liberties curtailed and their life chances limited, their values expunged from acceptable society.

Is this what you want?

Make no mistake, there are dark currents which would seize the malcontent and make mischief; there are undoubtedly genuine neo-Nazis who would want to harness this sentiment. But most people are not and never will be neo-Nazis. It is not the imaginary hordes of far right crusaders the establishment should fear, but the masses, the greater rump of decent society, quietly clenching a collective fist and nodding along, adding their voices to the murmur. When we peasants finally revolt it is going to be tumultuous.  


  1. The left that includes the likes of Muslims and progressives are determined that we shall only worship at their secular and religious altars and adhere only to their dogmas. They use all and every means in accomplishing this but unlike those who oppose them, which is probably the majority of us, and only use mild abuse, reason, logic and facts receive no punishment. The reasonable us are being persecuted by the unreasonable them. That can only result in the end to the reasonable realising that being reasonable will see their demise. Only one outcome is possible they will stop being reasonable and fight back.

  2. The last thing islam is is left wing. It is a dictatorial, totalitarian ideology where the favoured are given power over the masses... Wait, you're right, they ARE communists!