Thursday, 15 March 2018

Poking the Bear

There’s a mood in the air; the smell of ‘had enough’. After decades of trying to tolerate an uneasy peace, where anything goes and no deviation from former norms must be challenged, maybe the tide is beginning to turn. I grew up in a world where there were rules and it was a far easier world than today. You knew who to associate with and who to avoid; people generally kept company with their own and stayed within the broad confines of the law.

Not for nothing is the dog ‘man’s best friend’ for, like canine-kind, people co-exist more easily when they know where they fit. Order is more comfortable than chaos and while you may disagree with your master’s decisions, it is often simpler to follow orders than to give them. But the last thirty years have seen a rapid erosion of order and a dissolution of boundaries whereby the rules seem to change on a daily basis.

Who is the enemy? Seriously, a big part of social cohesion is knowing who you are with and who you are against. For example, are you British, or are you a pan-European, non-gender-defined, faux-libertarian, socially fluid, non-aligned citizen of the new world order? Do you define your own liberty by the degree to which you discomfit others? Is your insistence on living what you perceive (today) to be your own unique and nebulous identity - and demanding special consideration for same - actually helping?

Rebelling is fine. We all do that at some time. But you have to have something to come back to; a tribe, a place, a national identity. What do you tell your children they are? Because if you don’t tell them somebody else will – and has been doing for some years now. There has been a reported rise in mental disorders and antisocial behaviour, strongly correlating with a general breakdown in social order and the rise of the ‘me-me’ protest industry. It can’t be totally unrelated.

So, actually, yes, I welcome the reaction to the Russian poisoning business and I suspect Parliament does, too – at least it distracts the gaze away from the muslim rape gang issue for a while. Uniting against a common threat is often the catalyst for crystallising where your priorities lay and for the majority that is signalled by a resurgence of patriotic self-preservation. Some will receive rude awakenings when they discover their pet preoccupations are no longer indulged by the wider public.

And still others, like Jeremy Corbyn yesterday, will discover that their sloganizing, patronising, dismissal of principles that many still hold dear reveal them to be part of the problem and not part of the solution. Do I think Russia did it? How could I? I have no access to the evidence. Do I think that the NATO alliance (not the EU; this has nothing to do with the EU) suddenly deciding a line has been crossed and coming together against a perceived aggressor is going to solve the moral decline of the west, re-align our priorities, re-set our sensibilities and re-energise our national spirits? Maybe not, but perhaps it’s a start.


  1. NATO is a busted flush. Too wrapped up in the NWO and deep state cabals of gangsters and bent bankers along with their corporate favoured elites. All sloshing around trillions of laundered dollars.

  2. The moral decline of the West has to run its course as all moral declines do as no way yet has been devised to change that truth. Most moral declines end disastrously. We are all caught up in the chaotic, troublesome last decline era which we are finding rather unpleasant and to some extent arouses fear and consternation in us. However people of my age will not be around for the finale, hopefully, which will be really fearful but for the younger progressive generation who did much to support and encourage that moral decline they will be and will have to suffer the consequences. Not that they will recognise the fact that they were considerably responsible for their own demise but at least I can chuckle to myself in my grave that at least they received their comeuppance.

  3. There are very few politicians of any conviction who can lead any country properly, for those of us who can see what is happening it's almost as if we've bought tickets and sit by passively as we see western civilization decline and be rubbed out by a multicultural tide inexorably coming in like a spring tide spilling over the walls of society... There is a waking up happening ....a rising from slumber but for some it's too late they are all but consumed already...

  4. Distraction tactics are becoming the new normal, ignorance is turning to a fully fledged mental disorder that Is manifesting in Westminister corrupting the young minds of our potential future geniuses. Voters need to take a long hard look to whom they are voting for, no matter which party they claim to belong.

    The horrific events in Telford should be top priority but instead many of those in the Westminister bubble are making their relatively pathetic personal issues a national problem (it’s easier to deal with than those more pressing)

    Russians? I gather evidence was strong before antagonising them, it’s a shame we don’t have strong leadership when it comes to negotiating the EU.