Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Feet of Clay

Now we know, beyond any rational doubt, that our elected leaders are venal greasy pole climbers without a shred of decency or competence, isn’t it time for action? Not a general election, not a re-shuffle and certainly not a Parliamentary debate about the way forward – consulting Jeremy Corbyn, for fuck’s sake? We need a Cromwell moment and the whole Palace of Westminster needs to be shut down, its sitting tenants evicted, turned out onto the streets and an entire new order imposed.

What, no government? Well why not? The government clearly has no power, abuses what authority it has and is a primary cause of division in the country. Labour offer no useful opposition, seeming to believe that simply opposing is their primary function and proposing no workable alternatives to the same tired old tropes. Fairness, equality, social justice and all those nebulous, airy-fairy notions are chimera; there is no such thing in human society.

But what we do have is an ability to exploit opportunity and the total shit-storm in our supposed seat of democracy is ripe for exploitation. The party system, as was, has come to its inevitable end. Neither party offers a genuinely acceptable way forward and no matter who is in power it constantly has to battle opposing ideologues to make even the slightest progress. Progressive education and the lunacy of cultural relativism has created a population easier than ever to manipulate, easier than ever to penalise. The police are discredited, the judiciary exposed as frauds. The scene is set for chaos.

And maybe chaos is exactly the tonic we need. Let the civil service and local authorities carry on with running the day-to-day business as best they can and set the dogs on Westminster, political correctness, the university training grounds for political malcontents, common purpose and all the pointless agitators for ultra-minority power. Release the vigilantes, set free the conditioned minds and let’s have one massive societal punch up.

Oh, there will be no clear winners, but – apart from the carnage (and you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs) – a period of utter, desperate, dog-eat-dog, fear and uncertainty might just be the catharsis we need. Find out whose side you are really on, not whose oily words salve your political theology. It’s perhaps not ideal but it’s what seems to be happening anyway; might as well get it over with.

May announces latest genius idea...

Clear out all the old, corrupted crap, usher in the new, the fresh, the untainted. It might still be rubbish, but at least it will be new rubbish and who knows what might emerge from it? In Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy has starred for three years in a television comedy (Servant of thePeople) about a man who accidentally becomes president. Right now Mr Zelenskiy is front runner to actually become president. Maybe we could do with a bit of that.


  1. Sorry "don't give up the day job" is not a useful comment. What he has to say is spot on and reflects the way thousands of people feel. Well over two years after the referendum and we are in a total and embarrassing mess, worst government I have ever seen.

    1. I don't think the first 'Anonymous' quite understands the point of a personal blog. But hey, everybody is entitled to their opinion... even if it is wrong!

  2. I agree with every point but how do we do it?
    I'm all for upsetting the ballot box but anything more radical is going to need explosives.

  3. Fred,

    You nail it every time.

    I hope to buy you a pint sometime.

  4. Best I start drinking again then!

  5. The state our country's and where it seemed to be headed is enough to drive anyone to drink!