Friday, 19 April 2019

Get us out

The Tories are metaphorically holding a telescope up to their blind eye and declaring “I see no rocks!” while steering a course directly for the lighthouse. But then they are also pretending that the Conservative & Unionist Party still has a cohesive identity. It is clear that the EU issue which has riven the party for decades should now precipitate a serious discussion about their purpose and their future. It is too late for the local elections, far too late for the unnecessarily upcoming MEP elections and given the parlous state of their leadership contender list probably too late for the next general election... and the one after that.

In the meantime, frantically bashing the Brexit Party isn’t helping either Conservatives or Labour, rather it is aiding and abetting the BP and the Tories are probably receiving the worst caning of their electoral lives. It’s like they just haven’t ‘listened’, or ‘learned lessons’ as they so often insist they must. Have they not seen the ginger ninja over the pond and how his popularity grows with ever publicised excoriation?

Vituperative comments about Nigel Farage - Mr Brexy McBrexit-Face himself - are just recruiting slogans for him, especially enticing for the literally millions of people disenfranchised by the open contempt in which they are held by Parliament for daring to vote with their own agency and not as directed by their lord and masters. The blue rosette brigade may claim they are not afraid of Farage but, as much as David Cameron may forever seek to deny it, isn’t this the very reason the referendum was held in the first place?

And what of the non-Farage alternatives? See how both left and right (that is, far left and centre left; Labour and Conservatives) have united to condemn all pro-Brexit parties as fascistic and see how much of a dent that has made. There comes a point while you are being consistently insulted that you realise it is just a bunch of words. And when those words have no basis in reason, no factual validation, David Lamey, Anna Sobriety and Caroline Mucus can call you a Nazi until they are blue in the face and it makes no impact. If ‘they’ are against them, those parties must have a point.

As for a new politics, however, we are firmly back in the usual territory with every side expending all their resources in attacking the others and none actually plotting a course to steer us away from danger. And we are thoroughly fed up of having to vote for the least worse and knowing that our first-past-the-post system and the electoral boundaries condemn us to hamstrung, minority, same-old-parties governance.

So, as much as I know this to be mere wishful thinking, I harbour a hope that Farage and Co can do as much damage as possible to both Labour and the Conservatives and gain enough seats to hold the balance of power. I want to see the Tories recognise that their split over the EU is a genuine and deep one and that they need to burn their current constitution and form two new parties from the ashes. I want Labour to divide into a middle-class luvvies party which every other voter will despise and a genuine workers’ party, which may regain some dignity.

Corbyn comes to May's Rescue

And as for our future relationship with the EU, I want none. Nothing political at least, except recognition that we are not the same and possibly never will be. Listening to various EU leaders and their stooges it is clear they don’t give a fuck about us, so why don’t we reciprocate? I am pretty sure I am with millions of others who will abandon their traditional political allegiances and lend their vote to whatever option at the ballot box will re-send the clear message we signalled in 2016. Get. Us. Out.

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  1. Makes you yearn for the good old days of the BNP. At least you knew what they stood for.