Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Rebellion Extinct

The revolting kiddies– Extinction Rebellion – have eschewed their chocolate eggs to take to the streets, rend their garments and openly weep into their iPhones about how they may never get to be parents. Give me strength; having survived the any-four-minutes-now imminent assured mutual nuclear destruction hysteria of the nineteen sixties and seventies and the great extinction scares of the nineteen eighties, please excuse me if I call bullshit on ‘the end is nigh’. Repent, sinners, they all seem to say: the religious, the climatists, repent and admit thy sins and... what? Go on, what?

The climate will change and no doubt we will have some effect on it, but running all our transport on coal isn’t going to help a jot. A recent German study claims that electric cars are environmentally more disastrous – if that disaster can ever be proved – than diesel. True or false one thing is for sure and that is, once governments stop raking in the massive fuel duties, expect the price of electricity to soar. Once again – like solar photo-voltaic farms, or planting forests, or carbon trading - the costs will be disproportionately borne by those least able to gain an economic advantage. It’s the poor wot gets the blame, etc.

Yet here we still are. Despite the regular-as-clockwork predictions of running out of food, water, oil, oxygen, etc, the human race keeps on finding solutions to the problems it creates. Unique among the animals, when we do shit on our own doorstep we can always find another, lesser, human to clear it up, but I expect nothing less than a Malthusian event will ever satisfy the weeping wall of climate alarmists busily recording for a posterity they believe will never be realised just how terribly sad they were about it. But look around and see how much the world gives a shit.

Ukraine elects, by a landslide, a comedian as president. The religion of peas shoots up Sri Lanka and well, the earth continues to turn despite all the protestations of an immediate cessation of such rotational activity. Climatism has far more in common with religion than it does with science - there can be only one orthodoxy and all else is heresy - and to continue that observation, it is much more like islam than it is any other faith. Who else but climatists and islamists would go to the extremes they do?

Think about it. It isn’t long ago that islamic terrorism was being blamed on the wicked climate change of the west. Are they the last generation, the ExtReb children tearfully asked? God, I hope so! But no, there will be plenty of future generations of needy, whiny, entitled idiots, persuaded that they have relevance and that anybody gives a toss what they think. Their new messiah appears to be a Swedish child, Greta Thunberg, now being touted as the next Nobel Peace Prize winner. Children are the future? Take us now.


  1. I should have bought shares in any company selling sack cloth and ashes, I would have been so rich by now :-). Does anyone with a brain think these fools are any more credible than the innumerable "end is nigh" merchants we have always had to endure? A prat on every street corner selling the truth, its enough to make me turn to drink. Opps can't do that think of the CO2 the brewing industry puts out.

  2. As long as the government continues to allow 250,000 new people to come to UK every year to burn fuel, use water, clog up the roads and the NHS etc. I really can't raise much interest in all the bull s**t. They are only protesting here because we are too stupid to do anything about it, I doubt if any of the snowflakes will be protesting in China anytime soon in spite of that country's use of coal. Now we have ministers meeting with a 16 year old child for goodness sake, you just couldn't make it up.