Friday, 21 February 2020

Do We Understand Whiteness?

Some long years ago, Spike Milligan did an extended sketch, in the style of David Attenborough, describing the curious, primitive life of the ‘Cockanee’ tribe in East London. Today, all that has come to pass and the East End is no longer the ancestral home of the Pearly Kings, but an islamic enclave of ‘vibrant diversity’, the one unifying factor being the utter lack of a secure and confident English identity. To rub salt in the wounds, famous race baiter Afua Hirsch is presenting a new BBC series called ‘Whiteness’; no doubt a politico-anthropological analysis of the coming extinction, as ordained.

For there can be no doubt, surely, as we celebrate anything and everything not traditionally of these islands, that the whiff of victory is in the nostrils of those who would replace us. Yesterday is a great example of the kind of warped thinking the Blair Witch Project bestowed on the nation. At the first hint of the attack on shisha bars in Germany the media and official spokes-twats leapt with unseemly haste to label it as ‘far right hate crime’. Like the far right is even a thing you can easily define; but insofar as it is ever defined it means, exclusively, white men.

Meanwhile, when the police declare that the Regent’s Park mosque stabbing was muslim on muslim, the left is distraught. He must be a convert, not a ‘real’ muslim and they will leave no stone unturned in the search for an anti-islamic motive. Because when members of our treasured diverse communities (monocultural ghettoes) commit murder, behead innocents, throw gays off tall buildings, burn Christians alive, or stone women to death for not wearing a head covering (and the list goes on and on) we are urged to try to understand them. Condemn their actions, yes, but then go out of our way not to blame those involved.

Hate the sin, not the sinner, they piously opine. So, when are we going to listen to those the media label racist, far-right, xenophobic? They call them uneducated, backward, thuggish Untermenschen, yet in the same breath refer to them as ‘white supremacists’. How supreme do you think they feel when the establishment has abandoned them while bending backwards to accommodate people who call us kuffar, dirty as dogs, white pigs, unfit to even walk in the shadow of islam? And islam’s shadow is creeping across the developed world like a cancer.

Last night on BBC’s Question Time the renowned moustache-wearing luxury communist, Ash Sarkar, trotted out the particular lie about immigration being an overwhelming net benefit; a lie perpetuated by the media, politicians and other mouthpieces. (Other studies have drawn a contrary conclusion, at least on economic grounds.) But in the areas where all these so-called ‘white supremacists’ live, immigration has been an unremitting disaster and an enormous social and economic cost, and continually calling people racist for pointing this out does not change the blindingly obvious truth.

They all look the same to me

Why is nobody listening? Where is the outreach programme for the neglected working communities, the displaced, the replaced? Where is the compassion, the listening ear, the attempt to understand the outpourings of antipathy and revulsion? When fortunes are spent and reputations burnished by all the attention given to understanding the powerful ‘minority’ with all the special treatment they demand, but nothing but contempt is spent on those whose homelands they have stolen, is it any wonder that resentment ensues? Spike Milligan didn’t set out to be a prophet, but - peace be upon him - he was dead right.


  1. Excellent article. I'm fortunate to live in a typically "English" enclave with a cultural/moral outlook that would look the same if it were 1960. That isn't to say visitors aren't welcome, even Scots(lol). We take people as we find them. We didn't ghettoise Britain, I think you'll find that was some other people.

  2. First class posting Batsby, thank you for telling it like it really is. I wonder if the liberal free thinking snowflakes will be tolerated in the new wonderful world that will replace our traditional British way of life? Turkey's really do vote for Christmas in UK today.