Monday, 10 May 2021

Hobson's Choice

Following the Hartlepool rout and the collapse of Labour support outside London – and even London wasn’t quite the walk in the park that people imagined – the media has been awash with commentary from ‘the usual suspects’. Why the likes of Femi Arsewole, Owen Lenin-Jones, Ash Sarkarstic and various other Junior Common Room gobshites should even be heard, let alone courted by serious media outlets, is something of a mystery.

There is a lot wrong with a world in which people who have no understanding of the common man get paid to pontificate on society and its ills. Are the bookers at the BBC, LBC, TalkRadio and other organs so restricted in their imagination that they can’t get out and ask people who are not paid-up members of ‘part-of-the-problem’? Diane Abbott’s take, for example, was that Starmer should have pushed the very Corbynist manifesto which brought about Labour’s biggest defeat in a lifetime.

It would be astonishing if it wasn’t now a daily occurrence. There seems to be a resolute determination to absolutely drown out the popular voice. Social media, in particular, seems to consist of echo chambers, bubbles of groupthink which occasionally rub up against each other, the ensuing debate being far from healthy. The rigid adherence to party lines, repeating dogma regardless of context, is more akin to religion than reason.

But what is Labour’s response? They are going to hold further navel gazing events in which they will ask the voters what they want then selectively screen the replies to create policies with only party appeal. When voters say they want to restrict illegal immigration, Labour will hear that they want all immigration to be legally recognised. When somebody suggests that islamic rape gangs should be hunted down and shot, Labour will take on board the message that there needs to be more diversity in the makeup of rape gangs.

Ask the people and they will tell you, overwhelmingly, that they abhor almost everything that comes out of Westminster. They will tell you to back policies which put the indigenous British at the forefront, in employment, benefits, medicine and education. They will appeal for swift and decisive justice, with a one law for all approach, not the apparent two-tier policing which appears to accord higher rights to certain ethnicities for fear of causing offence.

When it comes to the movements du jour of the left - Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, Antifa and all the other openly anti-white organisations – the public at large will not hold back in telling you what they think. On these and a plethora of other unhelpful issues, such as the steady infiltration of left wing thought in schools, the civil service, local authorities, the police… the public have had enough.

But will the Labour Party listen? Of course not; they will hear what they have decided to hear and drown out the reality. Safe inside their own heads they will imagine they are warriors for truth and justice. They will keep on pushing the kind of policy which sets neighbour against neighbour, creates ethnic ghettoes and results in a society in which a dwindling number of net taxpayers fund comfort for the idle.

And the Conservatives will, without any credible opposition, be able to continue to pretend that their tame, lacklustre offerings appeal to the masses. This isn’t good enough. We don’t want two parties offering about the same, just using different words, we want a real choice between a proper Conservative manifesto and a proper Labour one, and right now we are getting neither.

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  1. Spot on Batsby, there is no decent news source left now. After 30 years of newspaper reading I am finally giving them up, I just can't face endless pages of repeated stories about the virus and the monarchy. If I see one more article about Prince Harry I think I will scream. No doubt I will be happier and certainty better off without the carbon copies that pass for newspaper's today.