Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Diversity is a disease

I was listening to Douglas Murray in conversation with Dave Rubin the other day and I was struck, as I generally am, by his calm and gentlemanly manner. Not for him the histrionics of his adversaries, most of whom rant about him as a ‘far right’ agitator with no justification whatsoever. In fact, he generally offers his observations with caveats and an openness to be persuaded otherwise; a far cry from the absolute certainty of those would attack him.

Murray’s theme has been on the trajectory towards The War on the West for some years now and he accurately sums up the situation in this, the title of his latest book. For those of us watching from the sidelines there has been at least a two-decades long acceleration towards the kind of end-point for civilisation that communism portended. Yet communism, wherever it has been practised, has been among ostensibly willing participants, largely of the same ethnicity.

This is different, but it has in common with communism that it will ultimately fail, and I realised that what Douglas Murray is saying is what I’ve also been saying for years, albeit in a more clunky, clumsy less evidenced way. Why is everybody else allowed the descriptors, ‘vibrant’ and ‘rich’ for their cultures while the white western world, the people who invented pretty much everything that endures, is derided as being old and pale and stale? And worthy of extinction.

The whole catalogue of self-destructive wokeness can be pithily listed under the heading of diversity. Diversity, this amazing, difficult to describe, yet strength-giving quality is now so central to the aims of every organisation in the western world that its meaning has become transformed. It is no longer a spanner in the toolbox, but it is at the very core of corporate existence. Forget making widgets and dist’ings, don’t worry about the profit motive, if we ‘achieve’ the mystic, magical diversity quotient we will have succeeded in our mission.

But, what utter guff. The success of the white, European descended population of the world has never sought to hide the contributions of others, it has simply overwhelmed them. That relatively few black scientists, writers, engineers and statesmen are celebrated is simply because their proportion in history is tiny. Yes, the Arab and Indian and Chinese mathematicians and engineers and thinkers have absolutely gifted the world with a few great things. But I’m afraid that Newton and Galileo and Faraday and Lincoln and Shakespeare and Plato and on and on and on, outnumber them thousands to one.

And this is what Murray decries; the rewriting of history to suit a modern agenda based not on fact but on fallacy. He makes several comments about things of which few people know the detail yet everybody believes the headline As he says, fewer than one person in a million know the reality of some of the founding myths of the black lives matter movement, and as a result nobody challenges the accounts of the astonishing, but entirely fictional atrocities committed by our ancestors.

Quite by chance in the same week I heard the award-winning black sci-fi writer N. K. Jemisin citing one of the examples Murray gives as an accepted fact when no evidence exists for such an occurrence. She is an intelligent, erudite and incisive writer, dealing with the human condition and deeply committed to being part of a just world, yet believes one of the things that fewer than one in a million know the truth about.

After the recent Buffalo killings, gleefully attributed by the right-on media and law enforcement as domestic terrorism, Biden has said white supremacy is a sickness, which must be eradicated. The reaction from the black community is not for unity, for convergence, but for new restrictions to be imposed on white people as the scourge of the earth. Diversity comes from the same root as divergence. It is not a glorious collaboration but a bifurcation of society into segregated communities. They are diverging from us

This is what Murray is telling us all, and he is quite urgent about it. Unless we react we will be driven underground. In the new vision of the modern world I see not white supremacy, but white submission. I see apartheid – a voluntary version of which is white flight from inner cities – becoming normalised. And as ‘diversity’ becomes a more and more visible attribute of western governments, I see the notional demand for the undefinable ‘social justice’ being overtaken by a demand for pure, hateful revenge.

The end of the line for whiteness?

I really don’t know what the truth is in all this. I would like to imagine that it is possible – as it once seemed to be – that we can all rub up alongside each other. But as our culture is derided and mocked and belittled, why should we go out of our way to respect theirs? If, as Biden is saying, whiteness is a sickness we must cure, then diversity, as currently practised, is a cancer we need to excise.


  1. Not exactly the end of the road because once they clamp down on whiteness more and more will resist. It is only because we have spineless politicians in place. Once they are replaced, hopefully by peaceful means, there will be a backlash of violence all over the West. It is inevitable.

  2. Very good, as always.

  3. There are a couple of basic, generalized measures of technology: How far can you travel in a day; how much information can you store in a given volume (a cubic metre say). These can also be looked on as generalized measures of innovation.

    For pre industrial societies, what would these measures be. First, at best about 200 odd miles (horses over distance – assuming good roads to traverse, some organization to provide relays of horses – about 10mph. I don’t think sailing ships can manage much more – assuming you can navigate of course); second, how many printed (or handwritten) books/scrolls can go in the box.

    Today? How many orders of magnitude improvement. For the latter, probably about ten! How many of the innovations required came from outside the white, European diaspora? Any of it?

    Not a facetious question.

    I never gave it much thought until they started wanting "reparations", "decolonising" and all the other infantilised petulance, which does rather answer the question.

  4. Come back Batters, all is forgiven. Except your absence.