Saturday 4 May 2024

Spoiled Ballot

 So the votes are in and the dismal display that is local elections, especially in a general election year has done nothing to enlighten us to the likely outcomes of a national ballot. Voter apathy in all areas except the muslim vote denied to Labour over Gaza going to George Galloway's rag-tag army of radical islamists. The ascension of the Submission Party is surely just around the corner.

Happy to use the useful idiots of Marxist Labour the keffiyeh-clad warriors for allah have infiltrated all areas of British society, building their numbers and awaiting their chance, but they may have jumped the gun here. The clever move would have been to bolster the Labour vote, work even harder to dominate the party and then, once in power, slowly kill the host and begin the transformation of the UK into a caliphate.

Starmer is a charisma-free, atmosphere vacuum. He brings not a single ounce of charm or guile to the table, and he will be easy to depose at a time of the imam's choosing. Angela Rayner, for all that some kinky types claim to be sexually attracted to her strident, low-intellect charms, has no chance of winning over Sir Kneeler's supporters. But by then it will probably be too late anyway.

The election after next might well be announced by the muezzin from the minarets of the thousands of mosques which stand ready to defend their alien faith from the weak and feeble kufr over whom they will have dominion. Within two generations there will be no need for elections any more; instead the ayatollahs will police the will of their wild-eyed cult-leaders posing as the will of their imaginary deity.

Or maybe not? Who knows whether there is yet any fight left in this country. In Sweden they have held a public burning of a koran and a Palestine flag. Displays such as this would be heavily repressed in the UK with the riot police baton-charging anybody who dared to fly a flag of St George, or hold aloft a bible. But one day the crusaders may be better prepared and out in numbers. 

This chimp is now your future

Until that day, however, expect to see more and more muslim names on your councillor lists, as your regional mayors, running your madrassas, I mean schools, in the news, in uniform acting against you, in every part of public life. Unless ordinary British people take up arms against the islamic threat and do so very soon, their dominance will become all too apparent. "What did you do in the war, Daddy?" "Son, I did the only thing I could. I bowed my head and faced mecca, then got on my knees and prayed."


  1. Of course, Plod are actively investigating the Hate Speech?

    1. Well, of course! Anybody speaking about Mr Alibaba Dishdash will have their collars felt, you can be sure of that.