Thursday 2 May 2024


 Palestine? I genuinely could not give a fuck for the ham-arse supporting, sky-pixie-worshipping, stone-age barbarians. Nor for any muslim anywhere on this planet. Good luck to the Chinese and Japanese with their ethnic cleansing of this scourge of humanity. I'm saying this while I still can because despite the stirrings of clarity emerging from the Humsa Yuseless affair and the Cass report, the 'next generation' appear to be in thrall to a dozen different kinds of gullibility.

It is easier, they say, for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? It's medieval for 'give the church all your wealth and we'll pray for you'. Well, in allah-world all they have to do to enter that fictional kingdom is to murder a kafir or two... or preferably, blow up a whole stadium full of them. At least the Christian lie didn't involve gruesome killing.

King Charles, the current spaniel-in-chief, sees himself as defender of the faiths, plural, but no religion should be respected when it refuses to countenance the existence of another. Just as predicted by millions of ordinary people (people not gifted with 'expert' wisdom) predicted, the muslim population is nearing critical mass. And they are testing our resolve daily with these shows of both force and coercion. And they are winning the battles.

The time is long past for appeasement, which has never resulted in relief from persecution, the time is nigh for some good Old Testament, pre-Christian smiting. Turn the other cheek? Bollocks to that. Rather, unto him that dealt the first blow shall be delivered the last. islam must be resisted with every fibre of our being because islam will not bring peace but subjugation. Convert or die, or be enslaved. Is that really where we are heading?

A bunch of the same kind of unemployable Marxist useful idiot that islam exploits to march against Israel has today been blocking the progress of a coach loaded with illegal immig-rats who are  being removed from their taxpayer funded London hotel to a taxpayer funded barge, the Bibby Stockholm, where conditions are still much better than what they were afforded in the last few entirely safe countries they travelled through.

The religion of peas.

And what are the police doing? Trying to reason with them, trying to persuade them to allow the bus to proceed. Trying their very hardest not to upset their muslim handlers lest they unleash even greater civil unrest. Contrast this with the recent police treatment of a few patriotic St George's Day revellers donning the flag of England. It is very clear who the police are afraid of and that, by my reckoning, is as sure a test of who rules over us than any other... and it really isn't the idiot King Charles.

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