Thursday 23 May 2024

Things can only get... worse

The government has been consulting on the problem of political violence and trying to find a way to curb the idiocy of outfits like Just Stop Oil, Extinction Rebellion and the like as they go about inflicting real harm to ordinary folk going about their business. I listened to an interview on PM on the drive home the other day and heard Lord Somebody-or-Other repeatedly use the phrase ‘liberal democracy’.

Intrigued, I continued listening in the hope of elucidation, but clarity came there none. Wherewith this democracy? And what does liberal mean these days because I see nothing either democratic, nor particularly liberal in a system which gives free reign to the ultra-minority of the revolting classes but quickly stomps on those who represent the needs of the masses.

Democracy, to people like Michael Heseltine, for instance, means mob rule, which would never do. Oh no, the little people need to be told what to do and how to behave, what to think and how to vote. As a result, politics has been reduced to a popularity contest, driven by attractive but meaningless soundbites. A Prime Minister tries to sell you something you already have but pretends it is something new. And in the case of defence spending, the miserly increase to less than what it was before they took office is up there with 1984's ‘increased’ chocolate ration.

The Potemkin village model has been used in every area to dress up disaster as triumph. We have drastically cut carbon emissions – by closing down industry. We have grown GDP – by increasing the population to unsustainable levels. We have improved A-Level scores – by reducing the exams to a memory test and rehearsing the answers in advance. And (hoorah!)  inflation is coming down – but of course prices keep on rising.

As for liberal, which used to mean accommodating, laisse faire, do no harm, rub along chaps, it is more often used today linked to ‘lefty’ to describe the worst of our society. Yes, the pious, holier than thou, community warrior demanding obeisance to their cause but decrying all others. There is nothing liberal about clamouring for the annihilation of Jews in Israel, no matter how many rainbow colours in your keffiyeh.

What was I saying about meaningless soundbites? Oh yes, Titchy Rishy has called a general election, but the Conservative Party couldn’t even get that right, shoving the PM out into the pouring rain to look like a drowning Roland Rat. His speech was also drowned out by some moron blaring out ‘Things can only get better’ from a mobile speaker somewhere obviously out of reach of the police (who were probably dancing to it anyway). Something of a damp squib, then.

But it all means nothing. In a world where ‘progressives’ ally themselves to the least progressive causes on the planet, where self-reliance is labelled ‘far right’, where the forever failing NHS is revered as a religion, what is the point of voting for more of the same? The meagre offering on July the 4th (stated in the correct, British English manner) is mediocrity with a red rosette or more mediocrity with a blue rosette.

Rishi Rat calls a general election

Current prospects for an enthusiastic turnout are not high. As a result, the Labour Party could enter into government with a majority of MPs but possibly their smallest ever vote count. The election will not be won in any meaningful way but is likely to be lost simply by the absence of a Conservative vote, leaving the country to be governed by a party with an absolute minority of ballots in their favour. The modern world has gone mad. It should be confined to an asylum and left to rot.