Sunday 3 June 2012

Rule Britannia

If every monarchy throughout the planet were to be dissolved tomorrow, little girls everywhere would still be demanding tiaras in twenty years time. Our language, our folklore and our very British history resounds to the echoes of royal succession from time immemorial. If there were no longer any such thing as kings and queens, we would spontaneously reinvent them or their like somewhere down the line. Even the staunchest of republics - the US-of-A - still uses the language of blue blood as they elect temporary sovereigns to mark all manner of coming-of-age events. Prom King & Queen, Homecoming Queen, beauty queens...

Raising somebody up above their peers is as human as procreation. Even the remotest and most primitive of tribes have elders invested with power and pomp beyond their mere mortal means and ceremony has been at the very heart of all human organisations for as long as the species has existed. The history of kings and queens is the very history of civilisation.

So why the republican morons believe they somehow have a better ideal is frankly beyond me. They must have a lot more faith in the electoral process than anybody witnessing the recent  twin travesties of the campaigns of George Galloway and Ken Livingstone. Or the humiliating Gordian knot that is the current coalition. As for elected heads of state - Robert Mugabe, anybody?

Today of all days, the republican witch, Polly Toynbee appeared on the  Andrew Marr Show to spout her hate-filled, anti-Royal rhetoric. The fact that such an odious champagne socialist is ever allowed the platform to air her hypocritical views is a travesty. And an insult to a woman who is revered the world over and has faultlessly and selflessly served her country for her entire life. I'd like to see any political revolutionary who can truly say that.

Gloriana in Excelsis

So today I shall wave my flag and raise a glass to our glorious Queen Elizabeth II and count myself lucky to have lived through her reign. A bit more monarchy, a bit less anarchy and the snarling, envious, raggedy band of hippy republican twats can fuck themselves right off. In centuries to come your little princesses will still be able to go to the ball.

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