Thursday 7 June 2012

Slaves to Labour?

Had a good Jubilee? Feeling British again? Nice, isn’t it? Oh, but I bet the hissing, spitting lefties were boiling over in unvented, frustrated angst and helpless in their incompetent rage. The country’s entire stock of radical left-wing mentalists couldn’t have made so much as a dent in the patriotic pride displayed by people of every political persuasion who turned out to cheer the Queen.

Oh, for sure a few huddled republican malcontents may have had a bit of a demo, but their reception was entirely lukewarm and had they dared to press their claim the flag-waving multitude would just have laughed at their pathetic whining. How often, really, do we get the chance to come together as one nation?

An article appeared in The Guardian asking, amazed, “Why on Earth would a working-classperson ever vote for a conservative candidate?

But it’s much simpler than all that. The left always assumes people are too stupid to hold any views they are not given to them and imposes contrived rules and red tape to keep their opinions on-message. On race, religion, immigration and the economy they rely entirely on voter ignorance to hold onto power. I wrote [tongue firmly in cheek] about voter intelligence back in February.

Under years of Labour rule the natural, honest urges of the majority have been supressed by the state insistence that mere words can cause real harm, while allowing such traitorous offences to common cause as Islamic criminals burning the flag and demanding the slaughter of our troops. To raise concern has been deemed racist and the full force of the law has been applied to anybody daring to tell the obvious truth.

While violent criminals are released by timid judges to offend again, the rise and rise of antisocial crime is engaged by more diversity training and poetry competitions for an increasingly pissed-off police force. As welfare costs rise and fewer workers pay less into the tax coffers, socialist millionaires would have us believe the answer is yet more state spending, funded by debt. Lies given currency by yet more lies. Doublespeak is real and dangerous

Socialism is founded on a fundamental lie that people are equal – except, of course that some are more equal than others, eh, Mr Prescott? So, it’s only natural that Labour’s response to a national outpouring of true affection and patriotism is the concocted slave-labour stewards story.  

Of course in the great Labour rewrite of our national story this is the Tolpuddle Martyrs all over again, it heralds the start of a new Peasants Revolt, the rise up of the lumpen proletariat against the great ruling elite. Or is the simple truth that the ordinary working people of Britain love the Queen, are fine with being ruled and just want to be allowed to get on and make a living without the incessant interference of bloody sanctimonious politicians of every ilk?

Selling your own people into state slavery is abhorrent. Selling them into slavery to a foreign power such as the EU is treasonous. Until recently the penalty for treason was death. The Queen is our head of state, so the solution is obvious. Why not dissolve parliament, repeal the Crime and Disorder Act of 1998 and off with their heads your Majesty?

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