Tuesday 5 June 2012

What's Left?

Life's hard, then you die. Or, in untypically more optimistic mood, life's what you make of it... then you die. When all is truly said and done we end up the same way. Gone, no longer here, deceased, ex... meeting your maker, if that thought makes the inevitable any happier for you.

Given that, as an atheist, I can imagine no credible version of any of the afterlife myths of the dozens of one-true-religions, I conclude that it matters not how we are judged in fictitious heaven, but how we conduct ourselves in real life, right now.

To lead a good life should surely be everybody’s goal? Well, maybe not, as the newspapers daily regale us with tales of murder, rape, robbery, fraud, deceit, venality, corruption, despotism, vanity, desertion, mutilation, kidnap and chaos, to list but a few of the ever-inventive misdemeanours our big brains can dream up.

Less newsworthy are the many greater numbers of acts of kindness. Caring for others, doing favours, donating time, effort and maybe money to charity or simply paying attention to those who need it.

On a personal level I think we all know what’s right and what’s wrong and we’ve all done both. But on a national level something’s gone hideously wrong. The entire language of ‘goodness’ has been captured and mutilated by decades of manipulation; it seems you cannot be good if you don’t capitulate to the impossible dream of socialism.

As a result, reason has deserted left-thinkers entirely, to be replaced by dogmatic mantras and a complete inability to argue at anything above ad-hominem level. And yes, an arrogance that leads to intractable thinking, generating Twitter traffic like this:

XXX YYY ZZZ Arrogance? At being outraged at the cuts enforced on the UK? That's called common decency

XXX So..because I don't agree with socialism then I'm not intelligent??..that's what you're saying..right???

ABC then argues that the current coalition government has caused it all. But who actually spent all the money, sold off the gold and to what end? To buy votes? To shackle the masses to the state? To, effectively enslave the population and then change the language to make that enslavement sound like heaven on earth?

The Twitter discussion above involved a mistaken conflation of Socialism and Social Conscience and therein lies part of the problem - by diktat it is inconceivable that a 'Tory' can be anything other than 'Nasty', or that a socialist can be anything other than caring.

It is nasty now, to believe that standing on your own two feet, free from state intervention in your every waking moment is preferable to being a mere cog. But that's not the way 'they' think. Brainwashed into believing that the state should deal with everything they cling to any scrap of reportage to piss on your parade, whoever you are. So today we get this workfare story: and as a result some miserable, soulless corner of Lefty-Twitter lights up with glee:

suppose its quite apt really that slave labour should be used to celebrate the queens reign, given how its been historically #jubilee

Quite apart from the conveniently forgotten fact that workfare predates the current administration and that whenever you have funding you will have opportunists exploiting it, how anybody could believe that the Queen, who has metaphorically stood in the rain for days on end out of a sheer sense of duty  and love for her people, is culpable is not only ridiculous, it's outrageous and insulting.

We are where we are now largely because of years of Socialist near-tyranny bringing the country to a state of infantile dependency and leaving us unable to pay our way. Labour would keep on borrowing and spending, leaving the tap open long after the tank is dry. Under Labour the Jubilee would be under-funded by the state and everybody would have the same pitifully small flag to wave.

Instead, the country has shown its true colours, got up off its arse and organised a party the like of which we may never see again. The Left hate it. How dare people break out into spontaneous acts of kindness and sharing, and - yes - true solidarity! I'd rather be a nasty Tory and give you a hand up than be a caring socialist and give you a hand out. And as for royalty, one of my proudest possessions is my commissioning certificate bearing the Queen's signature.

Long to reign over us!

God save the Queen!