Monday 29 October 2012

So, what did Jimmy fix for you?

I go away for two weeks and you're STILL all talking about Mr Savile's predatory sexual tendencies in tones of horror and surprise and guess what? Out of the wormy woodpile ooze more and more of the allegedly abused, fuelling more and more calls for inquiries and prosecutions (and compo, obviously) and more and more demands for – yet again – the government to fix things for you, to make it all pretty and nice and happy again. 

The BBC is tying itself up in knots and injunctions are being prepared to stop anybody delving where delving might uncover something secret, dirty… something old and dusty and long forgotten. But what do you want? Do you not remember the 1970s, when all men were declared to be potential rapists? Have you not noticed how few jobs you can hold today without having a criminal records check? Are we already at the point where all men are potential paedophiles? 

The prurience of the human race appears to resist all attempts to set boundaries. So long as that unhealthy curiosity is aimed at high profile members of society and stoked up by the gutter press, spewing semi-literate, baying-mob fodder you all feel secure and smug in your little bubbles of bile. But just look at what you’re really doing. 

Incapable of exercising moral restraint yourselves you call for MORE state control, which will result in MORE suspicion with little evidence. There will be MORE legislation, leading to MORE lawyers; nobody can believe that’s a good thing. Where there are more lawyers there is usually less justice – you get the trial you can afford and wealthy criminals do far less time. 

And what are you really getting outraged by? What age is too young? Stop the countdown when that vein in your temple starts to throb: sixteen, fifteen, fourteen, thirteen, twelve…? You might want to check your geography (or your preferred century) before you decide. And what else is ‘wrong’? At what point does an admiration for stockings and suspenders (‘full webbing’ in military parlance) tip over into unhealthily kinky? One person’s light, playful restraint is another’s full-on bondage. Anal, anybody? 

Because, once you go down this road everything will be codified, classified and criminalised. Youthful indiscretions and experiments will stay with you forever. Two fifteen-year olds are caught in flagrante delicto - when he’s forty, will it still be on record that he had sex with a fifteen-year old? Not very many years ago this sort of thing would be controlled at a local level. A few stern words, parental correction, the odd threat… an occasional precautionary beating or a running out of town. 

Now, just like jobs, the economy, education, welfare, care, transport, agriculture, planning, policing, justice, arbitration, opening hours, drugs, driving, families, health and bloody safety etc, you want even our social mores to be dictated and regulated by increasingly unelected and sub-competent governments; because you can’t even be bothered to do the slightest thing for yourselves any more… like voting. 

Would you wanna be in his gang?

So, before you all start with the righteous indignation and the holier-than-thou proselytising, have a good long look at whatever it is gets your engine going behind closed doors. And you know who I feel sorriest for? Gary Glitter. All the poor fella wants is to be left alone. He just wants to lead a quiet life and have kids

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  1. Excellent stuff once more from the man that makes us think. However, even though Glitter wishes to be left alone, he certainly ain't Greta Garbo!