Thursday 25 October 2012

Back to the drawing board

Well, in preparation for my triumphant return to home shores, it’s time to revert to UK blogging themes and get up a good head of steam for next week’s rants. Let’s see... PM inadvertently reveals possible good economic news during PMQs, to the chagrin of the feeble opposition benches? Nope, too flimsy, the Red Eds can wait. Hmm, what’s this about mortgages being harder to get? Old news.

Aha! Nothing like a recurrent theme to get my outrage glands secreting bile at the gush. Nobody with half a brain can deny there is something deeply wrong with British education these days and it turns out that is the nub of the problem; much of the early school intake possesses exactly that amount of brain. As with all social ills, I have been saying this for decades. Here’s the headline: 

Before certain women go off on one, just because I am a man it does NOT mean I cannot have a valid opinion on this subject. I've kept my bloggy postulations away from rape, abortion, sexual equality and all those other subjects some of you will not allow men to debate, but on this I will have my say because it affects me as well. If we allow this to continue we will have a nation of sub-human, quasi-sentient, feral scum sucking the last few drops of succour from the few remaining domiciled tax payers. 

In calling for early intervention, the article says “...there are[sic] a group of children for whom the state has to intervene because they will grow up in circumstances so chaotic that [that] they are actively harmed by the failure to be in a nurturing environment [where] they can learn the sorts of habits which allow them [to] become effectively socialised.” 

I’d argue for intervention much earlier than pre-school. We should be intervening pre-life itself. We don’t need a generation of children in state care, we need a class of children not there; those parents simply must not be allowed to breed. You can go shove your human rights fairy tales right up your arse. There is no such thing as natural human rights, but there are very many human wrongs. And we will pay for these particular human wrong ‘uns for their entire life. Banged up, on welfare, on drugs, in rehab, on parole and dependent for their very survival on a combination of state handouts and crime. 

These nasty little bastards are only going to end up in jail anyway so why tolerate their existence at all? If you don't want a burgeoning criminal class (Guess what - too late!) pest control will be far more effective, far more quickly than any combination of 'caring' interventions. What’s that? You’re all too soft and flabby after years of socialism and the fictions of equality and individual worth? 

Can't make an omelette without it.

Then avert your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears, turn your backs for a few years and let the government assemble hit squads to go out and stamp on their heads at the earliest opportunity. I told you before that if we want our civilisation back we need to start with a cull. 

There! That’s better. Batsby is back! Have a nice day.


  1. Hoooorrrraaaayyyyy!!! I saw this article and seethed about it to colleagues too at work!.
    Let me see, these were my responses as I read down your blog.
    Nods head
    Yes, definitely
    Harsh, but sadly true
    Fuck yes
    Writing that last bit has now, reading back, made me snort!!! I promise I was just reading your blog!
    Oh well

  2. !If we allow this to continue we will have a nation of sub-human, quasi-sentient, feral scum sucking the last few drops of succour from the few remaining domiciled tax payers."

    In the interests of a balanced discussion, are you including certain members of our banking community in this particular group?

  3. Been saying it for years! Should only procreate if you have a modicum of intelligence and can bring children up in a nurturing environment and realise they're not a meal ticket to extr money and a life of idleness