Monday, 25 March 2013

Move along now. Nothing to see...

The day we leave the EU.

I hope we see no burning effigies of Rompuy and Barroso. If it takes bloody revolution and their real heads on pikes that's fine but let's have none of this hysterical public outpourings. That's for foreigners.
I remember when we'd see video footage of ululating bin liners at state funerals in the Middle erast and be quietly thankfully we weren't like that.

Then fucking Diana with her Arab bell end and look where we are now.

Nanny knows best and nanny statism is an affliction.

The overdue apology - most recently Australia apologising for upholding societal norms of the day by forced adoption - hollow words - political words.

unintended consequences - PAYE real time - more will now try and use cash... until they make that illegal - recorded transactions, etc.

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