Wednesday, 27 March 2013

You're Nobody Till Somebody Owns You

You’re nobody till somebody loves you, sang Dean Martin in 1965. In politics, you’re nobody until you’re somebody’s useful idiot. And in politics, such is the success of the Useful Idiot programme that everybody is a UI in somebody else’s eyes… it’s just not such a catchy song title. (Although, you never know: “I’m a UI in your eyes”? I might just work on that…)

To anybody on the left, the idiots are lined up on the right, although it’s worth pointing out that the term, supposedly coined by Lenin, was always meant to refer to socialist dupes who believed any propaganda they were fed. The concept is sound enough; say bad things often enough and people will believe you. And although you can tell people good things about your side they are far more ready to believe bad things about the other side. 

Thus the anti-anti-immigration lobby has cranked up the rhetoric, branding everybody who expresses concern for the state of the nation as some sort of rabid racist and brandishing figures showing immigration is overwhelmingly ‘a good thing’. Yet surely, even the dimmest wattage lamps can penetrate the fog of anti-anti-anti-(I lose count)-anti-racist prejudice and see that actual overwhelming immigration can only cause chaos; there are only so many places in the EU lifeboat that Britain is becoming. 

Just look at the numbers. Single Joe Pole comes here next month and takes on the number 50 bus, earning the princely sum of £19,839 a year. After deductions of *£3570.32, he has £16308.28 left to live off. (incidentally £286.72 p.a. better off than last year, but of course, the coalition’s tax cuts for workers 'good news' pales against Ed Miliband's tax cuts for millionaires 'bad news'.) That’s £313 per week. Well done Joe, but we’d need 4.6 of you working full time to cover the costs of a family claiming the same amount in benefits and that doesn't take into account that only (only!) 23% of your deductions go on welfare spending. So put simply, 4.6 of you is not enough – we’d need four times that; let’s call it a round 20 after paying for the bureaucracy to tax you in the first place. 

From my crude maths then, it takes 20 working immigrants to cover the costs of a single non-working British household. We have to create 20 jobs when one, with the right tax regime should be enough. And we need 20 beds and provision for another 20 users of our roads, health services, law enforcement, etc. Forget partisan politics, it just makes no sense at all that we import unskilled and semi-skilled labour in their droves from outside just to allow some of those already here to sit idle. Yes,of course they will spend their money in the economy, but the economy had to make room for them in the first place - that argument is a non-sequitur. THAT is a Ponzi scheme.

It makes even less sense to let people come here and sign up as Big Issue Sellers and thus register as self-employed. The Big Issue was set up as a way of helping the homeless back into work. Not as a tool for allowing uncontrolled importation of even MORE homeless. And none of this even begins to scratch at the problem of bringing whole families over here, who now need houses, schools, a lot more healthcare, etc, and soon learn that they are foolishly earning less than they could by becoming unemployed. 

How deeply ingrained is useful idiocy when even in the face of such stark, obvious economic reality, there is still a clarion call of “Racist!” every time the [big] issue is raised. 

Every movement needs it cheerleaders. And behind every Useful Idiot cheerleader there is a vested interest. Where are the REAL facts behind the things we are forced to pay for? What is the truth about: 
  • Climate change and green energy taxes? 
  • Infrastructure spending and HS2? 
  • The EU and the perpetual welfare state? 
  • Forever propping up the failed Euro currency? 
  • Giving up our independent national defence? 

Who's fooling who?

Maybe there is no truth any more, maybe there is no use for the nation state, maybe we do have a duty to others before we even begin to help ourselves. But back to the useful idiot racist-anti-racist-hate-hate forum – if my neighbours are increasingly unlike me, why is it racist for me to want to know why?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to comment below.

(*Link to a useful tax calculator)


  1. One day we will find out why the idiots want to flood the country with immigrants,even if you are rich this makes no sense long term if you still live here.

    1. They actually believe that unrestrained growth is essential, when a better import/export balance with a stable population would make far more sense. It ain't about sense, it's ALL about power.

  2. Much is made of the positive contributions to the economy by migrants, but why is there never any mention of the fact that for every single migrant who gains a useful well-paid position in the UK world of work, many of his/her family (once over here) do not? These 'under-utilized' people are a burden and not an asset, and thus represent a cost to the UK Economy rather than a (sic) benefit.
    Right now, an almighty row is going on about how the latest Govt policy on childcare payments, and how stay-at-home mums are not 'valued'.

    I wonder if a migrant mother, or indeed grandmother feels similarly peeved about being paid to stay at home and doing what comes naturally for the kids?

    Remember - no one asked anyone to come here, and no one asked anyone to have kids.

    These are independent life choices, just like choosing your favorite make of new car.
    Why should the rest of us have to financially contribute in order to fund your choice(s)?

  3. Why do you need immigration, well its a simple numbers game. The indigenous British population are simply not having enough babies, so as each generation passes the so-called "British" population actually shrinks as there are more deaths than births. So you end up with a situation that we have now where we have a top heavy population and more people either retired or moving towards retirement.

    So to rectify such a situation you need to have the 20-30's to have more than 2 children each, however even if you can convince them to do such a thing, to rectify the current situation would take at least 1 generation if not 2.

    So you are left with an aging population, that you some how have to fund. So you have two options vastly higher taxes on those still in work, which is counter productive. Or immigration to fill the gap in the working age population, for 20-40 years till your population can be self-sufficient.

    So the choice is yours, substantially higher taxes or immigration?

    1. But we're not doing that. What we ARE doing is allowing immigration to take ALL the strain and in so-doing we are increasing the numbers of the indigenous population on welfare and so increasing taxes anyway. Non-welfare dependent families (from the useful working middle class) have smaller families because they can't afford to have more. Low-skilled or no-skilled families generate new generations of net welfare dependents.

      So, while in many ways what you say has merit, immigration is simply not being handled in a way to bring about the outcomes you portray. In any case many communities already entrenched - and I use that word deliberately - have a breeding rate way in excess of that necessary to redress the population imbalance, but with no intention of integrating so far as to pay taxes into a system they already milk with great efficiency.

    2. I am inclined to agree that we have higher taxation (indirectly if not directly) but more tellingly we have more people -- families and relatives -- coming in requiring paid-for services and benefits than paying into the system. They can and do bring in ageing relatives so it isn't a simple exchange here; bringing in an old man or woman who needs NHS treatment but who has never worked here means the greater burden is being put on a smaller workforce.

      The result is that we are reaching, or have gone past, the point where the money generated through taxation pays for all the immigration costs.

      The choice then is yours: support more immigrants requiring benefits, housing and health services or press for fewer coming here. But let's be clear: either way you will be taxed. It's just a question of how those taxes are spent.

  4. Great work as usual Batters.... but you said, "Yes,of course they will spend their money in the economy...." But most of the East Europeans (and 'Commonwealth-ers') that I work with only spend what they HAVE to. The rest of the cash goes out of the UK to wherever they're from to be spent there! One guy actually have his Polish builder mates come over to work for him, bringing their own building materials with them! Still .... come the revolution, eh?
    Cheers, Chris W.

  5. If I walk in the morning past my local school, there are lots (and I mean lots) of mothers of one immigrant group taking their children to school. There are lots of taxis (driven by men of the same immigrant group) delivering their children to school.

    This then is the situation, and the maths looks wretched. There are in this instance say a hundred of these women who aren't employed and who can 'earn' money by staying at home. The child benefit system sees to that. There are fifty taxi drivers delivering other kids -- and perhaps they are doing that because mum is at work, though I have yet to see that many immigrant women working. This particular immigrant group has a culture which doesn't approve of that. These taxi-driving men are 'employed' in as much as someone wants them to take them somewhere. Of course they pay VAT on petrol and have to buy tyres and so on (I also presume they have to have insurance) but I am unsure how many trips they make without a proper check on their income. Okay, that's for the authorities to worry about, but my argument it isn't a full-time job.

    The bottom line is, on my model here, 150 families delivering around 200-250 kids. All of whom are being educated on the state. Altogether (and this is one school) there must be a phenomenal outlay in costs and benefits with very little coming back in. I understand the husbands of the mothers delivering the kids to school may be out working, but where? My local immigrant group supermarket employs a couple of dozen and I am sure there are odd numbers of these immigrant men working, but today the bins were emptied and nearby the road was being repaired and buses went past. None of those people were anything but white men. The bin men, road diggers, bus drivers were almost entirely white though one or two are black of African or Caribbean descent.

    The lollypop man who holds up the traffic is white, and many of the cars held up by him aren't driven by non-whites -- unless they are taxis, of course.

    (I can call plumbers and gardeners and they have been immigrant, but they tend to be white immigrants from east Europe. This is not the group i am talking about here)

    There may well be lots of this immigrant group's doctors at the local hospital and no doubt lots of their religious leaders in their own chapels and for all I know sweat shops in converted garages making something for the benefit of the economy. But my take on this is from what I can see is that the economy is NOT being supported by so many of this immigrant group. However they take the money out of the system, and it is a net drain.

    My local shop offers an efficient transfer service for these immigrants to send money to families elsewhere. It is advertised prominently over the counter. I do wonder if anyone knows how much money goes out of the UK, or is this merely a sort of collateral damage to our economy.

    This is NOT an anti-immigrant rant, but merely observation of what I see in one small area of the UK. It may be not repeated elsewhere, in which case I am wrong. We will see in time, but looking at the predominantly male youngsters of these particular immigrants there is yet another possible problem coming as these young men approach maturity and want families and relationships. As I say, we will see.

    1. It IS repeated elsewhere and all over the UK. The tiny population you describe numbers in the many thousands in many cities and we all know you are talking about almost exclusively Muslim Asians.