Monday 15 July 2013

Let's Do It

Cole Porter knew a thing or two. In 1928 he wrote: Birds do it, bees do it… even educated fleas do it. In Spain, the best upper sets do it.  Lithuanians and Letts do it. The Dutch in old Amsterdam do it, not to mention the Finns. Chinks do it, Japs do it, up in Lapland little Laps do it. Some Argentines, without means, do it. People say in Boston even beans do it. Electric eels do it. In shallow shoals English soles do it. Goldfish in the privacy of bowls do it… Let's do it, let’s…

The topic of eugenics popped up over the weekend, as it is wont to do on a hot summer’s day when the unmellow strains of unrestrained families echo cacophonously across sink estates the land over. The scene was thus – I had just fixed the NHS by the simple expedient of applying no-nonsense triage to the system and had set out to do likewise for the Welfare State. Oh that title; the ‘W’ word sounds oh-so caring but add capital-letter ‘State’ and you just know you have a clusterfuck in the making. The most significant thing wrong with the welfare state is the sheer number of people reliant upon it. That’s what has to change.

Now, good people practice a form of eugenics all the time, often for economic reasons. Limiting your family to a size you can care for and to which you can give the best start in life is responsible, kind and ultimately fair. Even before starting a family, there is a selection process for the breeding pair; successful people generally mate with attractive people to produce more of the same – but not too many more; that would be irresponsible. But lower down the social scale you have the unplanned reproduction without responsibility of brutes like Keith Macdonald, a one-man welfare drain who has featured in this blog before.

Come on now, be serious, what opportunities do any of those kids have other than to repeat the aberrant behaviour of their parents? When farmers grow too much of a crop, the surplus rots in the ground. Therefore, farmers are careful to husband their resources. But not so long ago we had the phenomenon of the EU ‘wine lakes’ and ‘butter mountains’ and surplus grain crops being dumped at sea. Even today various economic policies promote waste. Pay people to produce any commodity and you will eventually create a glut. Back to the topic in hand and a show of your hands, please –who wants the Keith Macdonalds of the world indiscriminately sowing their seed? Thought not.

It was a hot day yesterday. People were too busy being hot to bother about me and my soap box but one of my occasional irritants decided to take me to task. What did I tweet that was so offensive? “Welfare. Give it to me. I'll sort it out. No, you're not allowed to have kids. Job done.” His response was, “So you’re proposing eugenics”. I thought about it. He was right. So now I’m a Nazi. And there’s the real problem; end of rational argument all round.

Nobody can be so blind that they cannot see the folly of assisting the uncontrolled explosion of a part of the population which – while not necessarily attaching blame to them directly – we simply do not want. More mouths to feed, more ADHD to contain, more domestic violence, more crime, more courts, more prison places… and then, ever more unwanted, abused, life-restricted kids, some of whose contribution to Planet Earth could best be described as just so much more human protein.

Feckless families like this must be stopped!

So, is the only thing preventing us from having this discussion a word for something that responsible people already do? Are we are afraid that using that word will turn us into monsters? Seriously, we're scared of a word? But what else are we going to do? Unless this nettle is grasped the only thing that will restrict population will be access to resources - nature's way. And that usually means war. So, if birds can do it and bees can do it… Let’s do it - let's at least talk about it.


  1. I think IDS has started, in future only first two children will qualify you for benefits If you can't look after more than that they will probably be taken into care there is a proposal from 40 conservative mp's in marginal constituencies to force unmarried teenage girls to live with their parents or in a hostel. This will curb population expansion of feckless mothers and indeed dads.
    In the war a large number of war effort workers lived in hostels so we know what to build. eX aRMY CAMPS SLIGHTLY MODIFIED WOULD BE QUITE GOOD!

    1. I would, genuinely stop ALL child benefit. It was meant to be a short-term measure to help in rebuilding the population after WWII. I think that objective was achieved many decades ago.

  2. You are going to have to think how this affects the Tribal Hordes Expansion Program currently underway in the UK. These people are our future, and a lot more of them arriving (paid for by the state they hate in NHS places that are overstretched for beds but very well catered for on the managerial front) will see that golden brown future arrive quickly.

    Only two children indeed! Think how this will affect Labour's chances in future elections. Please!

    1. When I'm in charge you will have to PAY to be allowed to procreate!

  3. I'll keep this short, I refuse to accept today's whole thinking surrounding this child 'welfare' idiocy.

    I mean, Keith Macdonald is one of the ugliest men I have ever set my eyes on. This spitting image of Albert Steptoe has somehow managed to have sex at least 11 times in his life, and the 10 different women haven't used any form of protection. They can't be having sex with this guy for pleasure surely? So on this basis, I'd suggest every one of his children has been born for free state money.

    Of the 10 women he (quite amazingly) managed to get to accept his face in close proximity to them, which can only be described as a horrible Salvador Dali style contortion. They then managed to bypass a condom, taking a daily pill, the morning after pill, a coil, femidom and more, most of which are available completely free of charge for them.

    The horrible left wing bias of our NHS support services would say that in this instance, it is the taxpayer and the NHS who has failed. They would rhythmically roll through about 6 different NHS support agencies that have failed them, as they did on Jeremy Vine last week, and finally stop short of saying... we may as well assign one support worker to each person, so when the little mite decides to swap body odour and fluids with another of his feral underclass, we can just pop a condom over his stinking phallus for him. Taken a stage further, we can make a call to each female of the underclass species daily to ensure they have taken a contraceptive pill, or send someone round to watch them take it.

    This obscene level of state supported breeding of the feral underclass has been going on for decades. Just in this one instance, his fatherless children will grow up badly behaved, and subsequently branded ADHD and disrupt other childrens education. They'll likely become petty criminals, and go on to reproduce another 60 of themselves, who will then go on to produce about 360.

    It really is that simple, it's that much common sense, it's that shocking, and it's even accepted as the norm. Just stop all child benefit payments for anything more than an 8 month bridging period for the first 2 children (two months before each birth, six months after, then NOTHING). No free accommodation either.

    It's setting limits and guidance as to how much other taxpayers are prepared to pay for this debacle. People can still have as many children as they want, they just don't get state money to support them. So if you want a family of 10, good luck, go and work and make it happen. What the fuck is wrong with that? At least they'll bring up children with a work ethic too.