Monday 8 July 2013

What did the Daily Mail ever do to you?

A Twitter exchange I watched recently, had the two parties almost fall out because one of them cited a Daily Mail article and was ridiculed, not because the article was inaccurate or misleading, but simply because it was in the Daily Mail, so it was therefore somehow morally wrong to have quoted it. The DM, along with the Express and others is frequently panned for flying the flag of Little England, a pejorative oft-aimed at those with what used to be the standard British view of the world.

But what is wrong with the Daily Mail? I often start my trawl of the news with Radio 4’s Today programme and the online version of the Mail because, of all the online newspapers, I find it the most easily accessible. I generally also check the version of some major stories in the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian, to hopefully get a balanced view. Then somehow I manage to cobble together a few hundred plundered words and pass them off as my own.

Of course I understand why the ‘enlightened’ left hate the Mail so. It’s because of this sort of article by Selena Gray; nothing gets a socialist quite so worked up as somebody daring to step outside the multiculti, diversitastic, right-on narrative. (Read the piece, it's very good) How dare anybody point out the flaws in the plan? 

Put simply, it’s this. Those who go to work and pay taxes and receive nothing from the state have to make decisions about rationing their spending. Holiday or car? New kitchen or new bathroom? Two kids or three? The children of such parents grow up to understand the simple mathematics of western life: education + ambition = decent job. The lesson is learned even more emphatically if early years were a struggle, with parents determined their kids will have a better start.

Contrast that with the ill-educated offspring of the entitled classes. For generations it has been easier for politicians, hell-bent on personal prestige, to simply park the problem on the welfare state. The problem is well understood but nobody dares to tackle it. When the family industry is playing the system what incentive is there for restraint? When the result of over-breeding is that you get a house only the wealthy could afford what do you learn?

The part of the population that contributes the least also takes the most: An army of social workers acts as wet nurse to try and curb the worst excesses of poor parenting. The burgeoning industry dedicated to creating excuses invents special needs diagnoses which lead to employing more and more classroom assistants.  Several battalions of police spend their whole time containing the results. Brigades of legal and probation and prison service professionals earn their keep holding down the lid. And a hugely disproportionate amount of NHS spending is quite literally wasted on bringing them into the world and keeping them alive despite their own self-destructive behaviour.

We have a growing class of people from which no good comes. None whatsoever. For every Selena Gray who defies the odds there are a thousand more breeding machines who carry on regardless because there is simply no incentive for them not to. And we simply cannot afford for this to continue. When I suggest – as I often do – a cull, I am regarded as a pariah, but in essence that is what is needed; fewer of them. By whatever means can be stomached.

The grateful recipients of State largesse.

So I say carry on Daily Mail. Keep telling the stories the political classes do not want to hear. Keep stoking the fires of outrage because when we run out of money altogether, I know exactly which will be the first sector of society to get violent

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  1. Once worked with a lad who thought his passport to riches was getting a girl pregnant, being given a council house and then kicking the girl of his dreams down the stairs so she'd lose the baby.

    Smart lad, except he didn't have the brains to know how to climb stairs in the first place...