Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Carry on, don't lose your head!

Last night, out doing my weekly shop, I witnessed two things that filled me with pessimism for our future. The first was seeing a milling crowd in the bread aisle, almost all of them women in various versions of what I will politely call ‘headscarves’. Curious, I hovered closer and was alarmed when they turned into a passable imitation of a flock of seagulls scrapping over a bag of chips. A rack of reduced-price baked goods was being brought out and their descent into a mob was alarming. I don’t seek to draw hasty cultural comparisons – fuck it, of course I do; we used to queue in this country. There, I’m a nasty racist for daring to notice what to me was aberrant behaviour offensive to MY cultural norms.

The second was waiting to check out, having foolishly chosen a ‘personed’ till. The girl at the gate was a bit flustered because it was taking a while to query a pricing error and she had started to gabble away, as many of us do when nervous. She was wearing muslim dress but spoke in the broadest of broad, post-industrial Leeds accents. Somebody (yes, it was me) made a throwaway comment to lighten the mood, “I blame the EU” I said, followed up with a grin to show I was joking. I wish I hadn’t…

Without pausing for breath she informed us all that she didn’t know what the EU was, but thought it was something to do with Europe, “or summat”, that she didn’t ever watch the news and she had no idea about politics “or owt lahk tha’ or nowt” but that she would be voting Labour in the next election. A pause, then the clarification that she didn’t know the difference but knew, without doubt, that the Tories were nasty. I bit my lip.

Syria is about to get a new form of mob rule called sharia and many will end up brutally dead. Mass uprisings in Egypt against the islamists will also create further bloodshed. The cycle of violence will continue for centuries to come as more secular administrations are overthrown by religious fanatics who then slide into secular ways, to be themselves overthrown by ever more irrational fundamentalists. The problem IS the religion, a religion with principles unchanged since its proponents scratched a living herding goats. Without oil the world might have been spared the horrors we see now.

So, imagine how delighted Britain was this morning to hear the news that Channel 4 is falling into line with the appeasement regime followed by our own governments of late and deciding to further the advance of this Stone Age fuckwittery into our daily lives by broadcasting the call to subjugation during the month of ramadan. I know I am not alone in seeing a steadily increasing diet of islamic appeasement and ‘normalisation’, which creeping assault will just seem normal to kids growing up today. That's the long game; the overthrow of the UK by the dark ambitions of islam is being assisted by the very authorities who supposedly declared war on terror.

Coming soon, to a school near you

Well, it isn’t working. I for one am terrified. Every day there are calls to resist islamophobia, but why? I, along with many of my countrymen, am actually afraid of islam and its open agenda to take over the world. The prehistoric noises from Syria are quite unsettling. But why not just LET them establish a muslim state, fence them in and leave them to it. And while we’re at it, ‘invite’ our home grown fundamentalists to relocate where the weather better suits their clothes.

PS: You may have noticed I have stopped capitalising islamic words, as I do not recognise them as proper nouns. My ineffectual little protest.


This is clearly a standard form letter, no doubt received by many today. I only wish I had copied and pasted my original complaint so you could see how anodyne is their 'assurance'.

Dear Mr xxxxxx,

Thank you for your email regarding the decision to broadcast 4RAMADAN: Call To Prayer. 

We are sorry to read of your concerns regarding this season of programmes. It is part of Channel 4?s remit to appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society and to provide a platform for alternative views and perspectives.

As part of that remit, we have an obligation to provide a percentage of programming around religious themes, the Ramadan season is just one  small part of that,  as are our daily episodes of 4thought.tv;  which transmits on Channel 4 daily.  This being a series, which highlights the personal opinions on moral and religious questions,  from a wide range of viewers, some from a religious standpoint and some from those with a non-religious background.

It is part of Channel 4?s remit to appeal to the tastes and interests of a culturally diverse society and to provide a platform for alternative views and perspectives. Every year, 2.8 million Muslims in Britain take part in Ramadan. It is a hugely significant religious event for this British religious community as for one whole month from dawn to dusk, they forgo food, water, smoking and swearing ? in an attempt to focus on what?s important, think about those who have less than them and better appreciate what they have. This season will explore these experiences and provide insight into how they combine this religious observance with modern life in Britain. 

Nevertheless, please be assured that your complaint has been logged and noted for the information of those responsible for our programming.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate all feedback from our viewers; complimentary or otherwise.


Veronica Way
Channel 4 Viewer Enquiries


  1. Nice one Batts.... and for my part, islamophobia isn't real; it can't be. A 'phobia' is an irrational fear whilst islam is clearly destructive, and as such any fear of it is quite rational.
    Chris W

  2. I enjoy reading your articles almost as much as the look on me Mum's face when I used to charge down the aisles in Asda and jump out on one and shout 'hai yah!'. I thought they were Ninjas and had those really sharp, pointy stars.

    Looking back, it was rather childish, I was 27 at the time.

    In all seriousness, voice your concerns directly to them. I do. Why should a real man want to cover their wife's beauty like that? I want to show mine off, she's beautiful.

  3. Late to this, but on the subject of running with the mob and voting Liebore... A friend of mine's female partner is Jewish (he isn't, as it happens) and she regularly protests 'about things.' She was there at Maggie's funeral, apparently, turning her back on the passing procession but being a little dismayed by those friends of hers who loudly booed a dead woman passing by.

    As she talked to me she grew a little uncomfortable about her love affair with the left. She had begun to realise that a lot of the people who shared her deepest views on what a sad, Tory-ruined world this is actually don't like Israel, and by extension, weren't all that keen on Jewish people. She wasn't entirely happy about this but perhaps felt that common-sense would triumph. Or at least, leftie common-sense which as we know is far more desirable. However she was beginning, I think, to gain an understanding of the old adage about running with the mob over the price of bread and discovering some of your new mates want to burn the bakery down.