Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Call to Imams

Generally speaking we British don’t subscribe to the notion “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” Live and let live, that’s our motto. Yes, we’re none too keen on having our noses rubbed in it – thank you New Labour – but provided you mean us no harm we’ve been mostly content to rub along. Naturally where there’s rubbing there’s bound to be a bit of friction and occasionally a bit of heat but once we’ve worked out how, we seem to get along well enough in the end. Integration, assimilation, absorption… before long you’re British too. But enough is enough.

While there is rising concern and hardening attitudes amongst ‘real’ citizens – as opposed to closeted elites – towards immigration as a whole, there is a very real and immediate anxiety now about returning jihadis. Whatever ISIS or ISIL (or whatever they are calling themselves today) are up to in Iraq, the Home Office has announced it is unable to adequately monitor nominally British citizens who are returning to this island with the last vestiges of any allegiance to the UK brainwashed out of them by their exposure to islamic bloodlust. I say ‘nominally’ because these people have effectively rejected their citizenship.

Despite the ‘faith’ of multiculturalism, foisted upon us by New Labour, lefty liberals and deluded loons everywhere, there is another doctrine in competition with it. No, not the Church of England, nor Catholicism, nor any band of concerned Little Englanders. The one faith that will never accept multiculturalism is islam. But did governments listen to the warnings as parts of Britain became ghettoised and rendered medieval? No, they called us racist. If you go to a predominantly muslim area – and these now exist in profusion – you will see an unrecognisable, different country and a palpable hostility to the host culture. Into these badlands the jihadis will disappear and spread their poison and their deadly training. Trojan Horse? We dragged it inside the city walls long ago.

There are said to be moderate muslims, but they are almost as despised amongst the islamists as the kaffir they want to obliterate and will not speak out openly; because islam does NOT mean peace, it means submission. They will do nothing to counter the spread of the caliphate and as indigenous Brits are driven into white flight we will soon have neighbouring towns that speak languages and practice customs that are foreign  to each other and eventually there will be strife the like of which we haven’t seen in four centuries. We should probably call it civil war but no doubt we’ll be compelled to coin some innocuous phrase that seeks to play down the atrocity and not cause offence.

True islam
The religion of peace and tolerance?

But sod it; we are already at war. So here’s your chance, moderate muslims (if you do exist) to choose. Once upon a time certain christians believed in hell fire and damnation and put to torture and death those who disbelieved. Outside of Dan Brown novels that type of christian ceased to exist many, many years ago. The relative youth of the insanity called islam is no excuse; it is time to Anglicise your church. If you’re not with us there is plenty enough evidence that you are indeed against us. Unless you assist the authorities in apprehending the mindless thugs that you say despoil your faith then the end of the world as we know it is surely coming to a town near you. 


  1. Great example: All that Jyoti Soni (above) has to say about the impending war is; Buy from me, buy my goods!

  2. The end of the world as we know it arrived in Bradford some time ago............
    Let Ed Miliband come for a few weeks visit and see whats its really like
    I can guarantee he won't be offered a bacon sandwich when meeting the 'community leaders'.Plenty of halal on offer though.

    1. If Ed came he would not see. He would leave filled with the joyous love of charm-offensive islam and probably with a couple of complimentary virgins and a tonne of Turkish delight. He could witness the street rape of a white teenager but remain convinced he'd seen racism towards the helpless muslims.