Monday, 30 June 2014

Made in the EU

I am a Little Englander. There, I said it. I want my monoculture back. I don’t mind immigrants, I never have. But I resent being told that our identity must be sacrificed so theirs can flourish. So when David Cameron says that Westminster is too white he reveals that he really is the heir to Blair. For a while I was applauding what looked like a valiant standing up for principle when he opposed Jean-Claude ‘drunker’ Juncker’s coronation on the European throne but today I begin to wonder if that was merely a staged event to woo back Eurosceptics to the Tory fold.

Toothless, friendless and despised, the formerly independent country of the United Kingdom will soon become a mere region of communism’s grandest scheme yet – to subjugate half a billion people to the whim of a dictator figure chosen by a process about as legitimate as musical chairs. The EU will become ever more federal, presidents will be appointed – like Juncker – without concern for the workings of any recognisable form of democracy and today’s levels of profligacy and corruption will look like models of propriety to future eyes.

In short, we are pretty much fucked if we stay in. Forget the brain drain from Britain to Europe; as ever fewer high earners realise they are paying an increasingly large proportion of the welfare bill to keep ever more grunts in low-paid grunt jobs, subsidised by state handouts to remain low-skilled and dependent, the evacuation of talent is already extending beyond Europe itself. Yes, you heard it here first; watch as in a few generations the Chinese and Indians and Malaysians will joke about European sweatshops and cheap, shoddy goods ‘Made in the EU'.

And for what? I have always suspected it but just like everybody else I have never had the means to quantify the harm it has done to Britain to be part of the whole rotten edifice. On Saturday Ed Miliband repeated the same tired, fourteen-year old lie, beloved of Nick Clegg but repeatedly refuted by the report’s original authors, that three million UK jobs ‘depend’ on the EU. I can only hope that the latest finding by cross-party think tank Civitas, that far from benefitting the UK, EU membership has done little or nothing at all for our prosperity. Indeed, in some respects it may even have hindered us; it has certainly made it almost impossible for us to retain any semblance of self-government.

I’m just sick of it. Sick of being lied to, sick of being taken for a compliant cash cow, sick of being robbed by imperious governments pursuing lofty socialist ideals. I’m sick of being derided and called racist for wanting to be British, sick of being made to feel ashamed of being white, middle-class, male, in work and daring to hold opinions contrary to the liberal metrosexmopolitan effete. I'm sick to my back teeth, just like my ailing country.

EU Macht Frei
Heil Juncker! (*hic*)

For decades Britain has been in a coma, but just as Michael Schumacher appears to be finally showing signs of consciousness maybe there is hope for us yet. It might not be easy – although I believe it will be much easier than the useful idiots want us to believe – but not only will we cope, detached from the placebo of EU life support, we will thrive. I hope I live to see the day when my country can once again hold her head high as the brains drain back in our direction from the pitiful, impoverished, United Gulags of Europe.


  1. That is a great post.

    I was sat in bed early this morning, reading and pondering my week. Hard, but fair. I'd get through it by sheer perserverence, just extend my hours, and then I can fit work and pleasure in. Easy.

    I could not quite believe what I witnessed happen during the lead up to the European Election. The largely state-sponsored mainstream media, branding patriotic taxpaying people racists, homophobes and bigots. It was highly toxic, and an absolutely disgusting attack.

    So I took a decision. I'm now against this Country, it's me vs the UK. Fuck it, let it fucking sink. We want equality? I'll return the state's loyalty to me in an equal amount. Me vs UK. That's how I'll get my way. Why not? It's exactly the same attitude as Labour and Conservative MPs have to this Country.

    I've sat in Europarl in Brussels and watched other Countries comprehensively rip into my Country, and it's people, and watched as our Conservative MEPs agree with them, like rusty nodding fucking dogs on the rear view window of a clapped out Ford Anglia. I was sponsored by the Conservative Party, and I thank them so much for helping me to terminate my membership.

  2. UKIP all the way. We're going to give the LibLabCon a kick in the ballotbox they won't ever forget.

  3. I suppose I'm classed as one of your "useful idiots" because I express my hope that post 2015, UKIP will be in a position to directly effect the direction taken by whichever party wins. Where else can I look for hope to the future?

    If UKIP cannot achieve this I fear that the damage already inflicted below our Nation's waterline by successive governments will lead to a rapid and unrecoverable plunge into the depths.