Monday, 9 June 2014

A whiter shade of pale

It was really only a matter of time. When you examine how Britain has been deliberately changed over the last few decades it can come as little surprise that in the very week we are remembering the sacrifices made for freedom seventy years ago the Daily Mail reports that a school in Devon has been downgraded by Ofsted for being too white. I would just LOVE to be a fly on the wall when the same inspectorate tells an exclusively Pakistani state school in Birmingham that they are ‘too brown’. Fuck me, but there’d be some lefty liberal outrage to behold.

Diane Abbott and Lee Jasper rail against whitey, while simultaneously contending that blacks can’t be racist, and the astonishing Ugandan agitator Yasmin Alibhai Brown openly longs for the death of the white race yet frequently also denigrates those with darker skin than hers - so what is the correct shade, Yasmin? Must we mingle until we are all mocha?

And what is the response to the Trojan Horse affair and the sense that finally, too little too late, the authorities are opening their eyes to the threat of a deliberate infiltration and islamification of our institutions, long warned about by ordinary ‘bigots’? Why, it’s a call to 'do more for ethnic minorities'. That, by the way, is code for making white people feel ever more ashamed of their heritage. In future history lessons will Winston Churchill be a Jamaican and Michael Faraday a Moor, or will all our past achievements simply be overwritten by a multicultural mélange of mediocrity?

On the Sunday Politics yesterday Maajid Nawaz co-founder of Quilliam pulled no punches in confirming the truth of the islamic mission in Europe and the French warned us long ago that all this would come to pass. The liberty and tolerance that we enjoy thanks to men like Bernard Jordan has been systematically used against us for years as calls for integration into British society fell on deaf ears; no, they said, it is we who must accommodate them. Even David Cameron, to his shame, recently called for greater and greater insertion of islam into Britain’s governing structures.

So, what are the Devon schoolchildren going to learn? How will they be made to feel? Inferior for their skin colour, is that the plan? Intolerant for a lack of ‘diversity’ they have had no hand in bringing about? Will they return ‘enriched’ by the vibrant cultural heritage of islamic civilisation and the many colourful shades of grey it wears? Will the girls be made to don burkas and will they all be ‘invited’ to learn koranic verses and bow to the bingo hall, so they can debase their kafir origins?  None of this would surprise me.

Black faces all round
The ideal school?

While I am a reasonably gregarious person and have no great difficulty in meeting new people I have always resisted being forced to do so. Unless you have common interests, values, views, etc, it can be a great chore. It’s one thing gritting your teeth and doing it as an adult, but it’s quite another – and quite a trial – to be a child shoved into an alien environment. I hope they learn from this visit and adopt the practices of their host school, returning home with all their natural prejudices reinforced and resolving to keep Devon as monocultural as they possibly can.

Racist? Hell yes; who wouldn't be in the black face of all this?


  1. New Tesco Express branch opening on West Green Rd, London N15 only shows Asian & African origins employees & 1 white customer

    1. Of course. Racism is a one-way street. Didn't you know?