Saturday, 14 June 2014

Find a Job for Ed?

News just in that beleaguered Labour Leader Odd Miliband is resorting to desperate measures in order to reach out to ordinary people. Acting lessons, Ed? Surely the jig is up when you have to consciously NOT be yourself just to get people to listen to you? Behind the scenes Ed’s ‘intellectual self-confidence’ may have been an asset but nobody – I mean NOBODY – can seriously imagine Miliband in a photo line-up at a world leaders’ summit.  Or if they can, there is something way out of whack with their judgement.

So toxic now is Ed’s image, especially after the Sun newspaper misjudgement and subsequent fallout, that even as a backstage scene-shifter nobody would be associated with him, covered as he is with the imaginary bruises of a hundred metaphorical bargepoles. So what awaits Mr Ed outside the world of Westminster? Join me folks, as today we launch the quest to find a new job for Ed

Waiter in a tea shop?

Personal Trainer?

Stage Hypnotist?

Prince Tribute act?

Relationship Counsellor?

Sex Therapist - Blow Job Specialist?

There must be a thousand jobs out there that a Miliband could do without him ever having to get anywhere near the access codes for Britain's nuclear deterrent. Come on Twitter, do your stuff! #FindaJobForEd

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