Monday, 11 August 2014

In a headless state...

Everybody seems to be telling everybody else to fuck off just lately. The staffs of western embassies are leaving Libya as the cavemen close in, the Arabs and Israelis are sharp-elbowing each other like crazy as they jostle for space and the Mexicans are positively rippling into the southern USA in an enormous unintentionally ironic ‘wave’ of illegal immigration. Even formerly uncontacted tribes in Peru are being forced into contact with and moved on by invaders and risk possible extinction as a result. Lucky them, I say, given that one of the prime movers of invasion – islam – is intent on the severest form of primitive mono-culturalism imaginable. I think on the whole I’d rather die from contracting influenza than by contracting bloody headlessness.

The planet is on the move and little of this movement is driven by a love of multicultural enrichment. They say we all came from Africa; well nothing changes, they’re are still coming, only this time they are bringing some very nasty viral passengers with them by all accounts. The formerly civilised western world is once again a very dangerous place to be; if it’s not flesh-eating viruses it’s wealth-eating politics with the socialists of Europe intent on eradicating all traces of national identity. And the wandering Jews are once again being pushed out of mainland Europe.

I have no idea what it is like to be stateless; but I get a nasty feeling that this may not be the case for much longer. I am an Englishman but watching the decline of my country from within I have been tempted for many years to denounce any form of allegiance to a nation which has become voluntarily powerless to defend any aspect of itself. British justice, fair play and even the stiff upper lip have been eroded to the point of parody by meekly laying down their pithy put-downs in the path of the unstoppable forces of stupid. Hundreds of years of peaceful coexistence on our cosy island all lost for a na├»ve idealism about eternally unachievable and indefinable ‘equality’.

The English always were the best of peoples – just ask Flanders and Swann – but soon we will be no more; we’ll be ‘European’. We already fly that flag and not our own on our car number plates and there is an intention to soon remove the royal crest from our passports. Our borders are not under our own control and our social and judicial policies are decided elsewhere. Meanwhile parts of our larger towns have become unrecognisable, un-cared for and unloved; those with the means to do so head for the outer fringes of the island we used to call our home.

See you in the gulch!
Going, going... gone Galt

Everybody, it seems, is fighting just for a place to sit in peace - it’s planet-wide musical chairs. Sometimes in musical chairs you have to cheat a little bit. We should step out of the game a while, bide our time and see how it all pans out. My guess is that once ebola has done its job and hollowed out Africa – which has never really been properly civilised - there’ll be a whole rich, largely unexploited continent to be rediscovered, repopulated and made to work... properly this time and with zero added islam. When we do, finally, 'go Galt', I baggsy Kenya. 

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