Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Whose Equality is Best?

Raaaacists! Fear of a word appears to have prevented police and social services and anybody with a duty of care to minors from reporting, warning or even noticing child-rape and trafficking on an industrial scale in Rotherham. The total population of Rotherham (known) is around 260,000. About 35% are under fifteen – that’s 91,000 and in that part of the world a good 50% of school attendees are of the Asian community. Which leaves around 45,000 white kids. If two-thirds of them are under ten, that leaves about 15,000 of both sexes between the ages of ten and fifteen. So, 7,500 white girls, 1400 of whom have been preyed upon by sexual savages.

Okay the numbers are a tad (and deliberately – I can use those tactics too) skewed for effect but come on, 18% of Rotherham’s non-‘ethnic’ girls systematically abused for a decade or more? If this isn’t a primitive and hateful racism you’ll have to go a long way to convince every parent in the area who has been branded a bigot for raising concerns about the deliberate swamping of their region with ‘diversity’. As Allison Pearson said, “Let’s have no more of this coy “Asian males” crap. Muslim men of Pakistani origin…” are responsible for this. And their community is responsible for allowing it.

Even taking islam out of the equation – and it is about time somebody did just that – this is exactly the sort of thing that was feared by many, decades ago, when it became clear that allowing in one single worker soon opened the floodgates to a multi-generational wave of dependents who came here, failed to integrate and slowly set about seeding their third-world culture on our fertile national petri dish. Nurtured by leftists and feted by Labour, here (they thought) was the answer to people growing up and voting Conservative. All that lovely, progressive diversity.

But you can never have both diversity and equality; it doesn’t work. Even on simple linguistic grounds it makes no sense – one is practically an antonym of the other - if things are different they can’t be the same. Now you may not believe that some people are better than others but that’s nonsense because you definitely know that some are worth so much less. Pick a measure: Wealth, productivity, gregariousness, reason, intellect, muscle, looks, longevity… no matter what your metric we don’t all balance on the fulcrum.

Rotherham’s known problems were ignored or suppressed for the sake, so they said, of ‘social cohesion’; it was deemed racist to protect one culture against the incursion of another. Exactly how much fuck-witted doublethink had to be deployed in deciding which culture was to be neglected? Or was the indigenous Brit so obviously worth much less than the precious new diversity?

Come to Britain - it's a free country!

But here’s the thing; what of the honest immigrant who came to Britain to find a better life? What happened to their dreams of a new beginning away from the grinding poverty and oppressive religious medievalism of their overcrowded homelands? With the shallowness of thought typical of left-wing moralists can they even begin to admit that in pitting one culture against another they have comprehensively fucked it up for both? 

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  1. I agree whole heartily with your post. Its high time that more voices are raised and the government, no matter which party, took a stand. A start would be the ousting of these criminals and the do gooders who have cried racist far too long.