Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Lordy Lordy!

‘Morally indefensible’ is how Bishop Christopher Foster described the government’s proposed reform of Gordon Brown’s electoral bribe of working tax credits. And the House of Lords duly wrung their hands and spent a day reading out begging letters from those whose standard of living is topped up by the rest of us. As a lifelong non-recipient of taxpayers’ cash I say it is morally indefensible for this situation to have arisen in the first place.

No government has ever campaigned on a platform to increase the number of poor people in its population, so whose idea was it to not only let the poor multiply, but to hasten their descent by importing other, even poorer people to compete with them in the race to the arse end of society? Do you know where children get their most powerful and long-lasting life-blueprints from? Unemployable, uneducated parents may occasionally produce future scientists and doctors, leaders and visionaries... but, on the whole they just squeeze out misshaped versions of themselves.

For all the fine words, education has slid ever backward and what was once the most advanced nation on earth is now a sluggish and dull backwater through the shallow muddy basins of which, much of its population trudge. People have low enough aspirations as it is – telly, booze, takeaway, fags – but without a functioning brain they have little chance of becoming anything else. Nor of understanding that the world really does not owe you a living. Such people should not be entrusted with raising future generations – they should be allowed to die out altogether, along with the grunt industries they once worked in.

So, accepting that we need fewer poor, stupid people, unless we actually embark on a cull programme – and I am dismayed by the lacklustre support for such an eminently reasonable solution - the only way to bring this about is to dissuade. On that basis, literally starving them into infertility has its merits. Except, of course, in our far from extreme society (no matter what the idiot liberal lefties imagine) even that is a course of action too drastic to propose. Tax credit cuts it is, then... and every reasonable, rational man can see it. It is simply a matter of time.

Turkeys voting for Christmas?

Which is where the Lords come back in. George Osborne’s latest tactic of setting a trap, pointing at it, putting up ‘Warning! Trap!’ notices and then watching his political opponents walk straight into it is earning dividends. It’s worked very nicely with the new Labour ‘leadership’ and it may just have worked to hasten the long overdue reform of the cosy, corrupt, crony Upper House. Well played, sir, the Lords may just be a-leaping to their demise.

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