Monday, 5 October 2015

Reclaim what?

The butt-hurt on the left knows no bounds. It was their election to win, they were sure, but they didn’t. For all their sloganeering and courting of naïve and unthinking celebrity mouthpieces, for all their pink battle buses and Edstones, for all that they truly believed they were destined to win they came up short, much as England failed to make the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup in a record-breaking defeat. But unlike rugby – a game of controlled aggression and solid teamwork played by the very epitome of true sportsmen – whose supporters roundly cheer both winners and losers and retire for friendly after-match booze-ups, the game of left wing politics is a rough-hewn, lawless affair, propped up by gangs of pugilistic flag-wavers who teeter always on the brink of retributive violence.

The 2015 Conservative Conference is being besieged by thousands of such ill-wishers and their camp followers. Manchester right now looks like hajj in mecca, except this religion has no god to worship – despite the return of the Messiah in Corbyn’s clothes – just a world of fictitious demons to fear. So vehement is their hatred of the comic-book villains of the Conservative and Unionist Party that practically anybody not of the mob is jeered, spat at and derided as Tory scum. Even the Daily Mirror’s own Toynbee, wee Kevin Maguire suffered the indiscriminate vituperation, showing just how little evidence the baying crowds need. Tell them a tale of Tory evil, wind them up and line them up as water cannon fodder.

The unthinking masses desperately need it to be true that the Prime Minister actually had full-on climactic sex with a dead animal. In public. Followed by a celebratory cigar. They cling to their ‘cruel Tory’ mantra despite all the many decades of suffering brought about by socialist regimes unable to maintain ‘equality’ without brutality. They have to repeat the third-hand tales of Atos systematically wiping out the old and sick for some form of Tory blood sport. And – oddly – they seem to have a virulent strain of quite abhorrent anti-semitism running rampant through their deep red veins.

What is in the leftist mind that again and again they wish harm visited on others yet still, when they look in the mirror, see compassionate justice warriors struggling and sacrificing themselves for the salvation of mankind? Is it a form of body dysmorphia, political realities ignored in favour of an image they need to believe? Daily Mirror on the wall, who is the unfairest of them all? If they say it three times is a devil with the head of Iain Duncan Smith summoned to dance like a dervish before the altar on which they sacrifice all reason?

Denis Healey just died at the grand old age of 98. The best leader Labour never had, they say; if he had been leader Margaret Thatcher – the grand Satan of Cruel Toryism – would never have been elected. This ignores utterly the fact that the country always elects a Thatcher after a Labour government. The ordinary working taxpayer puts up with just so much of the left’s profligacy before finally being goaded into voting some sense back into governance. Jeremy Corbyn’s little army of Marxist, ‘anarchist’, Trotskyist, Bolshevik, tattooed, pierced, air-headed hired thugs would see new generations of ill-educated, zero-aspiration untermenschen preserved in the aspic of state-sponsored vote farms.

The repetitive, brainwashed narrative of the left has no room for nuance. When the NHS struggles under Labour it is the fault of Thatcher. When foreign investors leave these shores under Labour it is somehow Thatcher’s doing. When the jobless totals rise and employers turn to immigrants because our own school-leavers can barely speak English it is Thatcher’s legacy. And when misguided, mindless followers of the rabble rousers bring about their own lack of sympathy by striking without thought of who it really hurts it is to effigies of the sainted Margaret that they turn with their angry, impotent gestures.

Rallying en masse, without a viable alternative to what is being so vigorously denounced, is pointless. It’s like the ten-year old threatening to leave home, the teenager becoming pregnant to the local bad boy in an act of defiance against caring parents or the unstable prisoner engaging in a dirty protest. To paraphrase Orwell, if you want a vision of the future under socialism, imagine a human face having its nose cut off in spite, forever. But, they say, the right also has its violent bully boys. Look and you will see they are cut from the same cloth; it is never those in gainful employment, dutifully paying into the pot who turn out to cause trouble.

Sooner or later the teenage rebels, the Marxist ideologues, the bearded pacifists, have to make a living and only a very few of them continue to seethe in their union-funded, welfare-fuelled, class warrior squats. Denis Healey died a rich man, and the Kinnocks live on as fabulously wealthy, famously hypocritical empty vessels. Meanwhile it is curious the lengths to which the ‘morally superior’ will go to promote their troublesome agenda. However unrepresentative these people are, their spitting, egging, rape threatening intimidation is an ISIS-like enticement to recruit others with an untargeted sense of grievance about their aimless lives.

The caring, sharing, missile lobbing left...

Regardless of whether the majority of the protesters have the first clue about the people they so readily attack and those they so thoughtlessly support, what is absolutely certain is that they are one angry mob and the devil makes work for their idle hands. Expect more, much more as they try to recruit others to adopt their prejudices and take up cudgels. As always, the crowds will eventually disperse but not before they have damaged local businesses intimidated ordinary people who are on neither side and brought the left into ugly disrepute again. There will be no real winner here, but the biggest loser of all will be Britain.


  1. Phew!

    Seriously, the best article I've read about this.

  2. It is yet another repeat of history. Except the UK leftards have morphed into Nazis. God only hopes they will not gain that traction, however.