Wednesday 13 April 2016

What’s MFI got to do with it?

From the other side of the channel all we hear is bad news. The Eurozone lurches from one crisis to another. Greece is threatened by Germany on an almost daily basis. Every country will be compelled to take in ‘its fair share’ of angry young muslim men of fighting age. The EU project is in danger, so let’s have more EU, etc... From our side all we have heard for forty-plus years is complaints about every part of the EU you can mention; farmer, fishermen and factory worker numbers have tumbled and much of it blamed on the European Commission, or was it the European Parliament, or the European Council... or the other one, the Council of the European Union?

Most of us will never know the difference between the institutions, which is sinister in itself, but suddenly, now the damaging effects are starting to be recognised by a wider audience – there is a popular rejection in many countries against this central diktat – suddenly they’re saying it’s not so bad. Yesterday the one-man political superpower known as David Miliband bleated like a five year old pleading for an ice cream “But if we leave we won’t have any power!” But, of course all the power is in the hands of the institutions – I forgot to mention the  Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Central Bank and the European Court of Auditors (although there is no actual evidence the last one even exists.)

This is the EU as a spousal abuser – ‘when did you stop beating your wife?’ is of course a fallacious question; they have never stopped. But now in typical victim fashion the beaten partner pleads for the abuser – but what would we do without him? Where would I live? Think of the children!

Cue the concerned but sanctimonious relatives – in my day we’d have stuck it out, divorce is the easy way out, a union is for life – and an avalanche of advice which is meaningless without the facts of the abuse. The IMF’s intervention sounded like the herald of the apocalypse – How selfish of you! Think of the effect on the extended family! What about us? – they cried, with a rending of garments and a frankly demented list of the travails of Hades that await. On the one hand they have been saying outside the EU, Britain will have no power and become an insignificant, side-lined nation. On the other our leaving will send shockwaves round the world and wake even Job’s Behemoth from the depths.

Consistently cancerous and consistently wrong in its predictions, the IMF is a meddler a supposed big gun brought in to bolster the campaign – who’s all in this together now? – in reality it is just another faceless, unaccountable body. But it is time for this battered wife to wake up, leave and find refuge away from the harm and strike out for her own, regardless of the consequences. The life coaches always urge you to do what is right for you.

Think of the children!

As for the IMF, they are as relevant and wrong as MFI and if we buy now we will most certainly pay later; believe now pay nothing for a year but then keep on paying and paying and paying... until the bailiff turns up. Nope, I’m not buying their special offer, even if it finally is the Closing Down Sale.

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  1. The EU is a dictatorship that controls it's citizens with an iron fist but has no control over anything else. The EU only does tyranny anything else is beyond it capabilities except chaos of course. That it does in abundance. The UK can and does do chaos we do not need help from the EU for that. As for authoritarian government the UK is so so on that but obviously many do not feel that we are capable to go the whole hog by ourselves. So would rather defer that to the EU as they are so good at it.