Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Albanians ahoy!

The Mediterranean migrant scramble comes closer to home as a bunch of Albanians being ferried across the Channel by a pair of British racketeers is rescued by the coastguard and the RNLI. A boat is also found abandoned at Dymchurch, suspected of being used to transport illegal immigrants into the UK. Belatedly it is realised that alongside the deliberate running down of desperately needed armed forces, the government has been stealthily shedding coastal defence forces.

Once, you could spot a stranger to our shores; they stood out a mile. Exotic, exaggerated body language, a certain hirsute swarthiness... and that was just the women. Foreigners could live in Britain for years without ever becoming – or needing to become - British, although eventually the tamer ones could be taught to queue and apologise when complaining. There was always the accent though; it takes a lot to eradicate an accent. But now we don’t even have that to differentiate; in some parts of the country English itself is a minority language, but it’s racist to notice this.

So the Albanians can come ashore, waddle up to the DWP, get a National Insurance number and disappear into the system. And if they can do it, you can bet the ones who have managed to scramble this far from North Africa to set up camp in Calais can do it. In May-June 1940 we sent a fleet of ‘little ships’ to Dunkirk to evacuate hundreds of thousands of allied troops... this year’s re-enactment is already under way and unless it is stopped it won’t be limited to a few days in the middle of the year. Albion is in danger of turning into Albania.

If ever there was a time to be Little Englanders it is surely now. We have referred to ‘the migrant crisis’ as if were something to be handled at arm’s length by unseen officials but when boatloads of illegals start appearing on your nearest beach surely we have to start calling it by name. Yes, pull up that drawbridge and stand by to repel the invaders. In the week that we commemorate the Battle of Jutland it is apt that we remind ourselves of our island situation. Brexiteers have been accused of being isolationists; right now that seems like a bloody good idea.

Stand by to repel boarders!
Barbarians at the beach...

So, dig out your Home Guard arm bands, grab a pitchfork and lantern and a pair of binoculars and prepare to defend those beaches. (Although, be careful to wear high-vis, appropriate footwear and wrap up warm – health and safety, you know.) We need to act like a sovereign nation and defend our hard-won liberties against the tide of threats our supposed leaders have failed to deter. The EU is not our friend, it seems it never has been, and our own politicians have shown themselves to be gutless, craven lackeys. If we don’t take back control then when Europe needs us again (as surely they will) instead of a powerful ally, we will just be yet another national eunuch. Jackie Fisher and John Jellicoe are watching...

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