Saturday, 20 May 2017

Labour all over

Labour are funny. Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn decided to denounce the Tory ‘cap’ on social care  despite the fact that no such proposal exists. But even if he had understood what was proposed the Labour position would still have been wrong. Old hard-left Labour hates wealth because they see it as a zero sum game whereby people can only become rich by making others poorer, even though real figures show that on average everybody in Britain has become progressively richer, decade on decade, without any help from Labour.

What the Tories are doing, however, is directly from Labour’s playbook, hence the criticism from their own side. Stop paying benefits to those who don’t need them so you can continue to help those who do. In fact, over the last seven years, the Conservative and coalition administrations have progressively shifted the burden of paying for the state from the working poor, who were often unfairly penalised under the last Labour government, to the better off. Despite the constant accusations of ‘tax cuts for the rich’, the despised wealth creators are paying way more than what an ordinary person would consider their fair share.

That last assertion may seem contentious but given the facts; that the poor actually contribute almost no tax (after tax credits and other working benefits are taken into account many are actually subsidised to a considerable degree) while those who earn above about £40k only ever pay in, it can easily be shown that it is the relatively better off who are penalised. But it’s a system we accept. It’s only the left, who twist the reality to suit their narrative of robber barons and fat cat industrialists, squeezing the poor for every drop to fuel hedonistic lifestyles, who don’t seem to get it.

It’s all about the words. Tories adopt a more egalitarian position, redistribute wealth, increase employment, live within our means and strive to create a fairer society with maximum participation for all and they are painted as the nasty party. Labour would disincentivise ambition, penalise success, favour their pet divisive projects of multiculturalism, enforced diversity, state-funded idleness and national bankruptcy and they still manage to convince some voters that they care. You would, literally, have to be stupid to vote for Labour in June.

Don't mention the war...

The last two weeks have seen the party in such disarray that even if they genuinely believed a single thing they say it is clear that they are not singing from the same hymnal. Practically every single spokesperson – some more memorably so that others – has been found devoid of an argument to back their claims when pressed. And several have had to issue post-interview ‘clarifications. This isn’t media bias, it is journalists doing their job and doing it well. If Labour’s message is now so muddled that their leader has to go on television and attack Tory policies that appeal to Labour voters it is surely the end. They think it’s all over? It is now.


  1. Funny that the hotbed of Labour idealism is the London borough of Islington, Home of the sainted Jez. If you go there you will see fashionably scruffy Labour types in cafes, reading the Guardian while being served their latte by third-world people and occasionally moving their well-shod feet so another non-Brit can sweep the floor. Here is a bubble of so-called socialism that behaves exactly like how they imagine the vile Tories would live. The funny thing is when you see them so comfortable, superior and cosy like this you wonder what they hate about the rest of us.

  2. There are increasing suggestions that a new opposition party or parties will emerge as a result of this year's GE. Labour no longer appeals to enough people to return it to power. The once massive "Working Class" vote has gone, along with the Working Class as most better themselves. The LibDems are likewise largely unpopular having abandoned principles in favour of personal gain when offerred the opportunity. Neither of our main opposition parties are adequate anymore, so it's time to ditch the old in favour of a new.

  3. Well 34% in the polls we're told for Labour and then spouted how it's narrowing the gap. Perhaps this "meme" will be like 2015 and 2016 polling and Corbyn will get just the 500,000 million of Momentum members. Circa 1.08%!