Wednesday, 24 May 2017

No Words

There is nothing quite like a national tragedy to highlight the paucity of vocabulary that afflicts post-traumatic-state-disorder. It’s as if there is some laid down glossary of acceptable terms to which all public figures must adhere: Together we stand. We are united. They will not prevail. The litany goes on... and on... and on. We must not let hate win, they say, hate having won, decisively, on the day. We are not afraid, they say. But wait, it’s not the hatred that delivered the Manchester murders that is on trial here, but the natural fearful reaction of the bereaved.

You can do vigils, you can do candles, you can even do angry poetry but until the hysteria calms down and we strike back, in cold blood, nothing will ever change. The message being sent to the world? Bomb us, murder us, rape us and rob us for welfare and we will simply lie down and let you do it all again. Yes, we’ll look at you pleadingly and utter the mealy-mouthed borrowed phrases of political simpletons, but we will not lift a finger against you. Come, we are easy meat; our country is yours for the taking. No wonder Christians get persecuted in some countries – they practically beg for it.

Rather than actually fight we will cynically use that word to mean something different. We will fight to understand your pain, empathise with your plight, open up a ‘dialogue’ with your emotions and find a way to your heart. And it doesn’t matter how many of us you kill and how many times you actually tell us that our death is what your ideology demands, we will ignore the simple truth and continue to fight to discover a reassuring way of blaming your actions on ourselves. It must be my fault that daddy keeps hitting me; it must be. He does it because he loves me...

Of course, the authorities are fighting back. Oh yes. They are fighting against the backlash of islamophobia; they are policing imaginary hate crime; they are poised and ready to punish you for your horrified response to horrific events. Bomb a venue, kill 22 people and you need to be understood, but express revulsion at the act and post a social media message of antipathy and you must be sanctioned. Pre-meditated murder is bad, this says, but knee-jerk condemnation of it is worse.

How many more empty words?

‘Don’t let hate win. Embrace. Come together. Stand strong. My heart goes out. My thoughts are with. We pray for. Solidarity. The lost vocabulary of official responses finds its apotheosis in the hollow phrase ‘there are no words’. If that’s the case then tell me, why are we still just talking?


  1. Your hate won't defeat us. We are black, white, Asian and Jewish. We stand united in our diversity,coexisting in oneness. Our strength is our diversity.

    1. Diversity is your weakness. You are not what or who you think you are; you are mere children, swallowing wholesale a lie you have been fed.

    2. Oh, and I don't hate anybody, or anything. Hate is a childish, left-wing, lower order construct.

  2. You need to stop spreading hate. Will you please just re-evaluate what you're saying? It is my belief that only through love can we truly overcome these challenging socio-economic factors that are turning the young in our community wayward. Please just try to turn your energies into peaceful solutions.
    Visit your local Mosque, make new friends, arrange a community day, indulge in diversity, raise awareness, learn to coexist!

    An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind — Mahatma Gandhi

    1. You genuinely do not have the first clue about how human beings operate. Love? You are a moron. The young need guidance, structure, rules and discipline. The relentless political imposition of diversity is a principle cause of the breakdown you see all around.

      Gandhi? Behave.

    2. Your belief is that love will win. Their belief is the death of others will win.

      So far they are ahead on points.

  3. Anon, 1031. Empty rhetoric that is blind to the hatred directed against us all. Hatred fought against to free us from Nazi atrocities.Those now usurped in horror by cowards bent on destroying the generosity shown to millions, mostly unwanted, barbaric insurgents. people not content with confining their hatred and brutality to their countries of origin. Envy, illiterate and poorly bred idlers too lazy to offer or give to their adopted countries. Content only to recreate the slaughter that has infected their erstwhile and deserted homelands. Anger against this evil is not hatred but fear and despair for civilised culture developed over centuries and now trampled on by sickening leftard obeisance to a decency of outlook long ago sacrificed to political expediency and gerrymandering mass immigration.

  4. I'd like to say great post, but it's really not a great situation that the politicians, appeasers and liberal idiots have forced people into in this country.

    Y'know, innocent children being blown apart with nails and bolts for attending what was virtually a Disney concert is as extreme as it gets really.

    So, perhaps more apt to say in the circumstances, a very intelligent, eloquent post, which I agree with completely.

    I remember posting a reply to an equally eloquent blog entry. The then latest incarnation of dog shit chopped into an off-duty soldier in broad daylight, on homeland soil, whilst screaming Islamic statements, and subsequently killed him.

    The awfully sad thing is, had they done what we then said, then other terrorist incidents may have been avoided. Appeasement doesn't work with idiots with an ultra low IQ, and the political class of Europe, protected by the safety bubble, need to get that through their thick skulls.


    I want the authorities to go to the houses, arrest them in the roughest possible fashion live on National TV, I want to see them killed if they struggle. I want, as a matter of urgency, the 3,000 on the watch list rounded up and deported or jailed. I want the jail to offer basics in order to barely survive, and I want the key thrown away for good.

    If this is inhumane, incinerate them to provide cheaper energy for the elderly in Winter.

    I won't be told what to feel, what to think and how to act by the state that has put us in this utter turmoil in the first place. In fact, I think at my current level of anger, I've done rather well at toning this reply down.