Tuesday, 30 May 2017

We need to talk about Khalid

We have a problem in the west, a problem which is not, of itself, going to go away. It is a problem that divides society, with a form of Stockholm syndrome gripping half the population who are unable to name and discuss this problem and act as fifth columnists against the rest who believe they see clearly the true nature of the threat. We cannot begin to tackle what is wrong unless we can have a serious debate about – and let’s not be coy here - the muslim problem. If we want any form of ‘solution’ we have to be willing to discuss it and we have to be willing to see it through.

For people born before the nineteen-eighties the visible changes in our society are genuinely alarming. Mosques on every street corner in some areas, calls to prayer, women concealed in black shrouds, men strolling around in ethnic garb every day, not just on holy days. Every supermarket selling muslim sanctioned food to all, regardless of their beliefs and values. Muslim majority schools, the local population of young people overwhelmed by Middle Eastern breeding levels. Continual pandering to muslim sensitivities at national level and imams appearing all the time on the media as if this was perfectly normal; Christian church leaders are silent by comparison.

What was once a police force is now reduced to a service; apologists and protectors of the faith, publicly accepting gifted korans days after the faithful have brutally killed on British soil. That is a gesture of their confidence that the police will do as bidden and an open affront to the indigenous. If even the police are afraid of islam, what chance does that give the rest of us? The followers of allah are told they are superior to all others; they preach jihad and the conversion or subjugation of the kaffir to their will. If you don’t see the threat, if you rally to support your muslim communities, you are already lost.

At the moment, but two solutions are proposed: submission or expulsion. But isn’t there another way? How is it that, in the twenty-first century, people are still in thrall to the teachings of crazy, solitary men who wandered off into the desert for days on end and had ‘visions’? Isn’t it time to seriously question the writings of men clearly afflicted by early onset dementia? God, whatever you call him, did not write this stuff and just as the Old Testament is taken seriously by a few marginalised fundamentalists maybe it is time to take the rabble-rouser mohammed out of the islamic equation.

You see the problem yet?

The religion of islam must reform or die in the west. You want primitivism, then go where the sharia is practised nationally. You want the rewards of living in the west, then become civilised or be expelled. The message from our government ought to be that and only that; our leaders need to name the problem – islam – and demand that it clean its own house. The small number of secular muslim voices raised against the islamists is not enough; your whole church needs disinfecting and if you won’t do it yourselves others will have to do it for you. 


  1. One hundred per cent correct, sir. The immivasion is merely adding to the islamification of a compliant, feeble west. As I often say, this is not what my grandfathers and fathers were willing to die for in two wars. Had they known this would be the outcome of 'saving Europe' they might not have been so keen to lift a rifle.

    But for reasons many of us oldies cannot grasp, we have people elected to run things who either cannot see what's happening or delude themselves the presence of Islam makes all our lives better. For some in the past, and in the future, it can only make lives shorter.

    How did we get to this? How did a nation of maybe reluctant warriors but people who had something to offer, become so weak, so scared, so indolent and above all so stupid as to encourage the death of their own culture? In a hundred years time, if
    there is any civilisation left (the odds are it won't be anything more than an extended third-world sh*thole) historians might unravel the reasons. I would bet though that there will be few in the future willing to do anything but condemn the present generation of pathetic, dhimmi-loving, halal munching 'leaders' for destroying so quickly what took a thousand years to build.

    I may not get to see much of the future decline, as ordered by Islam, and with it perhaps the last violent kickback of ordinary people finally sick of a moneyed, insensitive elite who so hate our British (and western) way of life. It will not end well though I suspect it will end. I weep for what will come because all the problems and atrocities we have endured will only increase.

    For twenty years now we have welcomed, obliged, facilitated, defended and offered 'love and understating' to these people but still they plot and scheme to bring us down. They plant bombs and murder people who would say "we must accept them
    as friends" and even kill those who are too young to even have a bad thought about
    their god. It doesn't matter what we do or say, no matter how many korans we willingly accept, the terror will grow.

    You might be forgiven for thinking why bother being nice and decent when the outcome will be just the same.

  2. The die it appears is cast. The West in it's infinite stupidity is embracing socialism and Islam with a fervour of religious intensity and therefore creating a situation that must lead to it's own demise. Events that accompany the demise of a culture and a civilisation in it's dotage will play out. History tells us that the outcome will be either a complete and permanent destruction of that civilisation or a long and dark period of painful adjustment and a new beginning. In any event the world will be very different to what it is now.

  3. The absolute gist of this post was enshrined in Corbyn's Watford speech. A total hatred of his own race because of its rejection of his Marxist, illiterate, ignorant bigotry for all things not socialism. Reverse the colours used in this speech and he would be in court. Loathsome but hopefully a turning point for those still with a brain cell to understand his spite. May has to have a huge majority to stop this brutal decline regardless of her own failings. They pale into nothing against this gross Labour Party treacherousness.

  4. I have posted something similar to this elsewhere on social media, but let us just take stock for a moment. Many of our politicians keep on about not alienating the vast majority of moderate muslims, and they 'vigorously' pursue those they accuse of 'hate speech', but when you look at all the lessons of history, the moderate, peaceful but silent majority were irrelevant. Before the Second World War most Germans, the majority, were peaceful yet the Nazi's wrote the agenda. As a result 50 million people died, almost 14 million in concentration camps and 6 million were Jews. The moderate people, the majority, were irrelevant. When you look at Russia most Russian people were peaceful as well. The Russians were able to kill 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. When you look at China for example most Chinese people were peaceful as well. Yet the Chinese were able to kill 70 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. When you look at Japan prior to World War Two, most of the Japanese people were peaceful as well. Yet they managed to butcher their way across south east Asia killing 12 million people, mostly with bayonets and shovels. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. On the eleventh of September 2001 in the United States there were 2.3 million Arab Muslims living in the United States. It took just 19 hijackers, 19 radicals, to bring America to its knees, destroy the world trade centre and attack the pentagon and kill almost 3000 Americans that day. The peaceful majority of muslims were irrelevant. So for all our powers of reason and us talking about moderate and peaceful muslims, even those that come out and denounce such atrocities as not being Islamic, are largely irrelevant. Our politicians need to understand that 'alienating' the peaceful majority of muslims is a risk they have to take, as history teaches us that the moderate, silent and peaceful majority are irrelevant.