Saturday, 28 April 2018

Amber Alert

For those wondering – both of you – where I’ve been, I’ve been banned from Twitter again. The first time it was for calling a soppy cunt a soppy cunt, which I sort of believed was the whole point of Twitter. This time it is for a number of historical ‘offences’ relating to the religion of peas, to wit; three old tweets which mildly criticised and questioned islam’s intentions. Oddly, I wasn’t banned for the multiple occasions on which I have called islam an outright cunt, which of course, it is.

Now I hear that the government is going to spend my money – and yours – in framing a legal definition of islamophobia. Well, I can save us all a lot of money by offering a working definition right now. islamophobia: an entirely rational response to the imposition of third-world cultural norms, the domination of city skylines by alien cult-worshipping structures and subjugation of the native population to religious fervour and barbaric attitudes to any form of opposition. That do you?

But it’s not just islam we should be worrying about. There has been a ‘progressive’ assault on our liberties and identity over the last few decades, propelled by the ludicrous and palpably false dogma that all immigration is good immigration and non-European immigration is the best immigration of all. Not only are we expected to accept and absorb the strictures of islam, but we must also embrace the backward tribal enmities of machete wielding sub-Saharan African ingrates. London is not becoming the murder capital of the developed world because of pretty, young, Swedish exchange students.

And talking of the Nordic races, the Danish immigration minister has dared to say openly a truth that so many of our own politicians are too afraid to confront: Not all immigrants are good people here to contribute. Some lie and cheat and use our tolerance against us and we should not be afraid of calling them out. The muslim community has been playing a long game under our noses and doing exactly that for generations; soon we will have actual blasphemy laws, not just the ersatz ones that got me suspended and have seen a few people jailed.

Yet still, in the midst of clear public anger, fear and incomprehension that our governments cannot see that millions of minimum wage workers with eight kids apiece, living in segregated ghettoes are, far from contributing, creating a huge drain on resources, there is talk of an amnesty for illegal immigrants. An amnesty? For crying out loud, even a huge proportion of legal immigrants are problem enough; start legalising – because you admit defeat on finding and deporting – and where does it all end? How soon before all you need to do is get one person from an African village onto British soil to create a conduit to import all of the rest?

In a ludicrous radio discussion on Radio 4’s PM the other day it was even argued that if an illegal immigrant had been here paying taxes for years they should be given right to remain. What? How are they paying taxes without a National Insurance Number? And how did they get a NI number if they are not legally allowed to be here? And if they are paying taxes, how in hell do we not know who they are? It is little wonder that the general public, we little people, not in possession of all the facts, unable to comment wisely and unwise to comment negatively, are frustrated to boiling point by it all.

 'Alright lads, we're in England. You can come out now!'

So while the Labour Party are angrily trying to force Amber Rudd to resign, for an admittedly clumsy administrative oversight (come on, who reads and remembers every sodding work email they ever received?) they are hoping we will forget they also tried to appeal to the voters by doing the exact, same thing. Read our lips: we want immigration rules controlled, regulated, policed and ultimately enforced. And if that means a ‘hostile’ environment for law-breakers so be it. This is why Amber Rudd should not only stay in office, she should face up to her critics, tell them to fuck off and then do the same with every illegal her resources can uncover.


  1. There are a number of examples of what uncontrolled immigration can lead to none of them show a happy outcome. Perhaps the two most known about examples are the Roman empire and South Africa. Europeans colonised South Africa long before there was any significant numbers of black races. They came in from the the North and East later and we can see the dismal results today. The Roman Empire although founded largely by immigrants and was in part made into a great empire by the free movement of people. It was a large scale immigration from barbaric people from outside its borders that that brought it to its calamitous end causing centuries of hardship and deprivation. The fate of the both those examples is going to be the lot of the West if it does not do something about its current immigration policies. As the West will not do anything constructive because it has neither the will or the capability that is exactly what the West's fate is going to be.

  2. Your Islamophobia definition fails at the first hurdle. A phobia is an irrational fear. The fear of Islam is, as you say, entirely rational, therefore, it is not a phobia. We really need to get our politicians to stop redefining our language.

    1. This is why I said 'entirely rational'. I was making that exact point; that you can't define islamophobia precisely because it is the only sensible position to hold.

  3. We have identified the problem and the obvious solution, but who is going to put the bell on this cat?

    1. Nobody in politics will dare. It will come down to local resistance, fighting even. islam will win because it is driven by a holy mission, as unreal as that is.

  4. And of course the Flabbopotamus would make a much better Home Secretary than Amber Dudd wouldn't she?

    Banned from Twitter. Pah! I've been banned from YouTube (for making a music video against racism that they chucked out for being racist FFS! ) and Cunts Corner. You have to be really offensive to get banned from CC.

    You simply must try harder ;-)