Tuesday, 17 April 2018

That's Entertainment

Inform, educate, entertain – that’s the purpose of this blog. Oh and to let off a bit of steam, have a rant and generally lay down documentary evidence for my forthcoming hearing at the twenty-first century witch trials. Now that it is becoming illegal to even hold a personal opinion, much less express it, the day is drawing nearer when ‘being mean’ will be a capital offence. An ancillary but nevertheless important purpose of the blog is to occasionally ruffle some feathers.

And oh, do those feathers ruffle easily; I do love it, though, when I gently trigger a malcontent. All it takes is to type, say, ‘Enoch was right, you know’ and here they come. I get called a racist, a bigot, a hateful excrescence, a stain on humanity and deserving of a long and painful death. Or else be wished a life of such loveless misery that I must surely entertain thoughts of dispatching myself from this earthly realm, ideally via a botched attempt which leaves me fully conscious and in agony for hours. The left do vitriol like no others.

Woah there fella, ‘the left’? Do you think the left are all gibbering imbeciles with no mind of their own? Do you think ‘the left’ as you so dismiss them, comprise nothing more than zombie cultists, eagerly lapping up the crumbs from Jeremy Corbyn’s philosophical table? Are you so blinkered as to believe ‘the left’ do not understand the economy, human nature, honour, national pride and selection on merit? Do you think people on the left are incapable of having an original thought, or are entirely involved in occupations which offer no value to society?

To which I reply, “You said it” and “broadly accurate”. To those on the left the economy can be harnessed for the good of us all. A laudable ambition, for sure, but experience has shown that planned economies generate market inefficiencies. Attempting to appeal to people’s sense of restraint will fall on deaf ears when shortages arise; the first thing most people do when a supply of a good falls is to stockpile it, thus hastening its disappearance from the shelves. Left-wing economic practice is hopeless at meeting demand.

To those on the left, the law can be applied evenly and fairly to all. In order to do this, every last facet of human action and speech can be regulated, categorised, graded and be given a suitably corrective tariff. “Thou shalt not be unkind!” sayeth the left and behold there came a great tide of legislation on race, association, affiliation and acceptable expression of same. Even thought can be divined from speech and thus proscribed. Left-wing legislation is counter-productive in bringing about peace and harmony.

The left believe there should be no more war and they will bring this about by preventing those most able to limit the death and destruction from acting. We will entreat with sworn enemies and they will see the sense. We will lay down our weapons and throw open our arms and our borders and we will welcome our adversaries into our homes, the better that we can educate them and show them the light. If only they would stop hating us so much. Left wing sentiment is largely responsible for the wave of terrorism sweeping through Europe these past few years.

Yesterday in Parliament

"But how can you give the far right a free ride?" they ask. I don’t. But the supposed far right is no more than a disorganised and widely despised rabble and the supposed rise is little more than a fiction. When you are on the left you think you are among the reasonable; of course everybody who disagrees seems like a dangerous lunatic. But consider this: like the eternal battle between god and evolution, leftism requires an enormous, complex and imperfect set of rules, enforced by armies of officials, bureaucrats, policemen and the like, whereas rightism simple needs those overbearing constraints to be dissolved. When you’re seeking the truth, keep it simple, stupid!

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