Tuesday 17 July 2018

Leave it!

In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Sir Bedevere performs a display of logic comparable to Justine Greening’s second referendum rationale. The contortion she must have gone through to conclude that, despite refusing to recognise the EU referendum – didn’t know what they were voting for, low information, low intelligence, racists and xenophobes, etc – the solution to the impasse is, yes, another referendum.  Why, she must be a witch if she weighs the same as a duck!

What beggars belief still further is how she has been described as a 'senior Tory'? As an MP since 2005, with inclusion in ministerial roles for, as far as I can discern, merely tokenistic reasons, she hardly qualifies as senior. But who believes now that ANYTHING proposed by No.10 isn't staged? “Hey, Justine, do us a favour, love...” And voila, out of the woodwork steps just the next in a weary line of forgotten representatives to sell us on the idea of having-another-look. Even Major is back on the box when he should have stayed in the box.

But what’s the point? Carole Malone tweeted: ”So if there WAS a 2nd referendum and the country voted Leave again - what miracle solution would the Gov come up with then that they can’t come up with now? Government Remainers only want another one because they think it would go their way.” And this is the long and the short of it. Greening’s proposal offered up a three-option trap in the cynical hope that it would split the leave loyalties and deliver a de-facto Remain vote.

The establishment – by which I mean the government itself, the opposition, the judiciary and anybody who is anybody in the Common Purpose mash-up that assumes it has the divine right to rule over us – is offering us a Hobson’s choice: Here’s a stick. I am going to beat you with it. If you wish you may vote for a different stick. Then, when we beat you with whichever choice you made, just remember you voted for it. And if you didn't vote you deserve every last stroke.

They are relentless: Oh but, now we know ‘the deal’ we should vote on it. Now we know that Leave breached electoral rules the result is void anyway. Besides, we know just what staying in means – they have even come up with a set of ONS predictions for ‘hard’ Brexit, ‘soft’ Brexit, Chequers Brexit (Andrex-soft) and Remain. Nobody should be surprised to note that Remain carries no penalty. Pull the other one!

Were we to reverse the referendum (and I very much doubt that fewer would now wish to leave, having seen the utter contempt of the EU towards the very question) we would definitely not proceed regally, unruffled, along the smooth road to riches forecast by the same rabble that have willingly assisted Project Fear from the start. There would be no veto, we would almost certainly be compelled, eventually, to adopt the Euro. We would lose our independent armed forces (such as they are today) and we would become Eurasia’s Airstrip One; a purely vassal state.

No you don't, Mrs May.

There is only one Brexit and it really is the one the majority voted for. The only Brexit that can possibly secure autonomy, self-rule (and when were we EVER asked if we wanted to give that up?) and break us free of the tentacles of the bloc is a Brexit so hard you could bounce tennis balls of it. A Brexit of such granite-like solidity that nothing short of dynamite could blast us back into Brussels’ embrace. You might call it hard Brexit. But to those of us who voted for it, it is just what it said on the ballot. Read our lips; we voted to leave.

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