Monday, 6 August 2018

Bring it on

Once again, the tedious battle of Brexit drags on between the ardent, whining, earnest remainers who thrust all manner of fantasy facts into the debate, versus the lumpen, sluggish Leavers who only have emotion on their side. Of course this isn’t true. The ‘facts’ that Remainers wield are disputed, disparate and almost always pure conjecture. They frequently present straw-man fallacies (do they have sessions in smoke-filled rooms where they dream up their debating points?) and challenge Leavers to refute them.

By way of example I was recently asked: “Just for clarity are you really saying that you are content for the views of 17.4m as expressed in a flawed Advisory Ref to be imposed on the majority of the population (49m) without further consideration or consultation ?” This is as close to “So, to clarify, when did you stop beating your wife?” as makes no difference. It’s much like Jeremy Corbyn – who I am absolutely sure is horrified by anti-Semitism – having to repeatedly deny that his party has a problem with anti-Semitism. To respond at all is to play ‘stop hitting yourself’.

Parroting the arguments made by the remain flag bearers will have no effect on Leavers because such apparent precision is no part of the argument. It makes no difference to us that we might be 5% worse off, or have a 2.4% greater chance of suffering cataracts, or earthquakes because these things are unknowable. And it is precisely because we don’t know what the answer is that we can’t or won’t respond to their ridiculous ‘are you happy that *insert spookily precise disaster figure* will happen?’ demands.

But we do know what the answer isn’t. The answer isn’t to just ignore the evidence that our elected representatives don’t represent us. Our understanding of representative democracy is not that we elect somebody on a manifesto and then cheerfully accept their tearing up that very manifesto once in office because we have somehow now abrogated all involvement and must let our non-representatives represent only themselves.

And this de-coupling of power from the people is exacerbated when supposed sovereign nations then give over their decision making to even further removed Eurocrats. But they are elected, they are accountable, say the dullards of Remain; we do have democracy, see? But, of course, we don’t. The burghers of Brussels may be appointed or elected by people who have been appointed or elected but that is as far removed from a recognisable democracy as you having a say over who your parents are.

Yes, the complex issues of economics, immigration, defence, foreign policy, trade, etc, etc ARE beyond the intellectual grasp of the vast majority of voters. But these things are also beyond the ken of most politicians, who are even less likely to challenge those who really organise these affairs – civil services, special advisors, lobby groups, the media and global business interests who seek to control whole continents through manipulation of their government placemen. To break the spell, to cut through the glimmer you need the simplicity of thought of those who have nothing to gain from blind compliance and no reason to accept nebulous projections at face value.

Who's next for sanity?

So when we have it remainsplained that we are too simple to understand the complex issues, of course we agree with you. Because you are no better informed than we are; you are simply more invested in an opposite point of view which you think your force-fed facts somehow justify. Well, we want to free you from your serfdom; we want to help you see that you don’t need the arguments of others to justify your lives and we want to help you cope with the tiny adjustments you might need to make. Why did we vote for Brexit? We did it for you.


  1. The EU is dangerous, it has turned people into drones, some of them have even made it into Parliament.
    Dictatorships dispise independant strong thinking, they will take those of strong character and attempt reduce them into insignificance.
    I get the general impression that Remainers don’t like the idea of being self sufficient as it may require them to be accountable, their simplistic ideals derived from lazy thinking and frightened of failure will ensure that we are all dragged down with them.
    Look at how local councils are run,certain individuals at the top spending hard earn't taxes on creating problems with easy solutions as a means of justifying their existance within the sector. This is the followed by self gratification.
    (they then leave before failure shows up)

    It's the same with the EU, all accoutability is diluted. It will fail because only the big players benefit, when society hits rock bottom who's going to pick up the pieces. Our public sector services wont be strong enough, it's full of Remainers.
    The EU subliminally saps away at our energy and drive and now you can say the same for our own Gov.

    We need to leave before we forget what makes life worthwhile.

    Great blog, pleasure to read.

  2. The remoaners are using the idea "The bigger the lie the more it will be believed" Now where have we seen that before? Oh yes in Germany in the 1930s.