Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Division Hell

If you keep on repeating the lie, it becomes true-ish. Nobody knows – literally nobody knows – what the sentiment of the British public now is towards Brexit, but keep on telling them that it has swung to remain and eventually those who still wish to leave the EU will begin to think they are now outnumbered. In the political world, despite the government’s thus far intransigence regarding a re-run the momentum for some form of second referendum is emboldened by the apparent lack of opposition to it.

This is because, despite all who voted to leave knowing exactly what they voted for, there is no concerted, focused ‘leave’ party as, just like with left and right, one side is quietly getting on with their lives while the other is making protest the purpose of their lives. The coalition of loosely Marxist ideologies thrives on their collective faith that the solution to the world’s problems is best trusted to a star chamber of unelected overlords, busily creating legislation to whip the little people into line.

They believe, of course, that such powers will never be used against them as it so often has been in every socialist state that has ever existed. Lenin’s phrase ‘useful idiot’ has never been more apt; some of these people still see Hugo Chavez as some great People’s Hero. Diane Abbot even said that Mao had probably done more good than harm. John McDonnell thinks that violently storming Conservative Party headquarters represents ‘the best’ of the Labour movement. This is the future which remain voters don’t realise they are voting for.

The hope is, of course, that ‘soft Brexiteers’ are hearing and assimilating the lies of Project Fear and beginning to buy into it. To now say openly that you still want to leave is to invite contempt and abuse and accusations of ‘stealing my children’s future’. Such ridiculous hysterical reaction is a staple of the Remainers’ sloganeering and as a result the voices for Leave have stilled. Some of them are just hoping the clamour of insults will die away and it has to be the case that some are secretly hoping the departure can be reversed and that everything will go back to normal.

But that ship sailed long ago; HMS Status Quo has slipped over the horizon never to return. War divides countries and make no mistake this is war. Herman Van Rompuy has said Brexit will split Britain and much as the low grade bank clerk may once have been the wizened wizard behind the EU megaphone I’m afraid he may be right. This is one genie which is not going back in the bottle. But sooner or later this great divide was going to open up anyway, Brexit merely hastened its revelation.

It’s them and us, as it always was, and as it always was the division is on class lines. On one side we have the rulers and their lackeys, those who wish to be allowed to govern without the interruption and uncertainty of elections and those who imagine that being ruled is better than having freedom of choice. On the other we have the stout yeomen of Alle Englande – the peasantry, the people... demos, in whose name the question was asked and to whom the decision was entrusted. But, as we know, the demos gave the wrong answer.

What governments want.

This new peasants’ revolt is not going to be mollified by a new vote; if they ignore the last one why should they honour the next? No, we demanded to be given back the power we lost. Not only the power we lost to the EU but more particularly the power to hold our own government to account. Vince Cable has said we should demand better while the political class as a whole wants to ensure we are never again in a position to demand anything. Brexit is merely a sideshow now.

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