Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Don't be stupid, be a smarty...

As the political world rages about Boris’s islamophobia and Jeremy’s anti-Semitism, while those who would be governed by them really couldn’t generally give less of a toss, I can’t help but wobble my head at the sad state of world affairs. Once, would-be leaders had noble aims and lofty ideals to make the world a better place; great statesmen plied their trade and built reputations for honesty, diligence and forthright adherence to... well, to something at least honourable. Now? Now it’s like a bunch of kids squabbling over inconsequential fripperies.

The greater mass of the British population are natural centrists. Oh, they may vote, at least historically, for leftist parties, misunderstanding their intent, but the core vote is fundamentally conservative by nature; by human nature. The Tories haven’t been even close to being right wing in living memory, which is one of the reasons they react with such horror to the much-vaunted but little-evidenced, ‘rise of the right’. Ask a working man what his true values are and you will hear recited the basic manifesto of what used to be the Conservative and Union Party:

Work, don’t shirk; pay your taxes; look after you and yours and charity begins at home. Tolerate others, but don’t let them take the piss. Law and order, control the border and happily and uncontroversially wave the appropriate flag at the appropriate events. Be proud, be patriotic but don’t take it too seriously. Crack on, make do and have a laugh at yourself when you fuck up. Give a bloke a fair chance, defend the weak, look after the sick and never forget that there, but for the grace of... etc.

But, oh my goodness, look at what passes for political activism today. Anti-Trump activists are actually – and hysterically - inciting violence and insurrection. Anti-Brexit activists have actually – and hysterically – called for violence and insurrection. The hapless and inept Tories, crippled by their desperation to offend nobody, just sit back and take it when they are attacked and defamed as ‘literally Nazis’ and ‘the nasty party’ by the nice young people who vocally wish them dead; by violent means.

Meantime, an invading and wholly incompatible ideology is excused yet another attempt to kill and maim because Boris made a lame quip? Who even believes this shit except for those with a vested interest in perpetuating the myth of multiculturalism? Britain is not and never was ‘a nation of immigrants’. And it is perfectly possible – demonstrably so - for black and brown people to be racist as racism has literally nothing to do with whether you hold  some nebulously defined position of ‘power’ or its proxy, ‘privilege’. What a crock.

You can’t make something true just because you say it is true and those of us – on both sides of the actually quite slender political divide – who daily deal with the real and pressing matters of the world know this. But still the divisive factions – all of them, every single one, cleaving to the far left – insist on maintaining the lies. Their mantra: keep the lie simple, keep telling it, especially tell it to the children and watch as the lie becomes truth.

Nazi? Moi?

While useful idiots like Owen Jones are screeching incoherently about the ‘far right’ and fascism and how the jackbooted Stormtroopers of the neo-Nazi Tory Party are recreating 1930s Germany it might be pertinent to point out a few cold truths: Leftist propaganda techniques are exactly as Joseph Goebbels recommended. It is not the right, but the friends of the left who are trying to kill us. And if they really want to see Nazis they need only look in the mirror.


  1. All so true. Look at London where we have just seen a man welcomed into our country as an asylum seeker do his best to murder our people with a car. How much longer will we welcome rapists, murderers and assorted criminals, give them homes, benefits and allow them to prey upon our people?

    Boris and Corbyn are our modern version of the Roman circus, keep the mob entertained and behind that you can do as you please. Democracy if not dead is seriously ill in UK. Please let the voters look for themselves and see that our ruling class does not give a dam about what the think. Most of them probably never did but never has it been so blatant as it is today. Taxes at a 49 year high, the infrastructure falling to pieces, services cut to the bone and the constant shill calls for ever more money from us. What a joke!