Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Return to the Planet of the Apes!

The climatists must be absolutely wetting themselves with a mixture of glee and fear; glee that – look – the giant spaceship IS coming to kill us all and fear that – oh my god – what beast from hell have we summoned? The latest from the increasingly unhinged fringes of ‘climate science’ is the projection of earth as an uninhabitable fireball where sea levels rise and the surface boils and only mutant silicone-based life forms will survive.

It panicked one article writer into producing a doom-laden thesis that we could save the planet if only we could somehow rein in the rise of the far-right. For Guardianistas, crushing anti-leftist sentiment is the key to everything. Global warming is the fault of evil, greedy, right-wing, evil, greedy, grasping, evil, greedy capitalism. It causes wars and mass migrations, leading to stabbings among sub-Saharan Africans on the streets of Europe’s capital cities and is it any wonder that we then get islamophobia?

Into this febrile eco-system steps a lumbering beast; a throwback to prehistoric times; times when language was a blunt instrument, unhoned by years of dedication to the cause of never, ever offending anybody likely to blow up in your face... The bien pensants of political correctness have been in conniptions ever since Boris said what most people think. And whatever else happens Boris must not apologise for making a perfectly apt observation about the ridiculousness of wearing slave sacks in a supposed free country.

But we’re dealing with ‘ologies’ here and if you got an ‘ology you’re a scientist, innit? And just as the climate chimps have learned to use the tools of their trade (which is attracting research funding – after all your trade is the means by which you make your living) so have the practitioners of eternal offence. The climate protection racket follows this logic:
  • The climate is changing and we think we’re to blame.
  • Give us money to see if this is true
  • Yes, it is true, but we’re not sure how bad it’s going to get
  • Give us more money...
  • Repeat

This model has been so effective that, as everybody now knows, 97% of the people who depend for a living/reputation on proving man-made global climate catastrophe believe that their research is accurate, vital and must continue. And by the way, we’re all going to die; give now! Those who seek to make a living out of being grumpy about white people have watched and learned and POCs have their own funding model. The Perpetual Offence Cycle goes thus:
  • Only white people can be racist so,
  • Anything white people say should be examined for racist content
  • The more we examine it, the more we find
  • We need more time to study this, therefore...
  • We have no time for actual work, thus,
  • White people must pay us to keep hating them.

Those bastards finally did it...

And so it will go on, ad nauseum, until somebody stops them , or we slip back into the stone age. Nobody in government or opposition, has given any hint that they would even consider doing anything about it until now. And even now, all Boris has done is dip a toe into the waters of public opinion to see how it affects his approval rating - he's struck gold. Should he apologise? Should he fuck.

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  1. You need to keep the people Frightened if you want to tax the living daylights out of them. In the 1970s we were told a new ice age was coming. Climate change is real and has always happened but if you want to charge £6 a gallon for petrol and rip off everyone for gas and electricity you need to do it for the peoples own good.

    As for Boris, he was sinking out of sight a bit after his resignation and he wants to be PM. He is back in the public eye now alright :-)