Monday, 20 August 2018

Maintain the lie...

If there was a prize for least relevant global organisation it would surely be awarded on a regular basis to the ridiculous IMF without whose presence the world would function perfectly fine. What is the purpose of this out of date, out of touch, out of ideas cabal of discredited gobshites? Especially when you read some of the shit they come out with: in cahoots with Project Fear they forecast the financial equivalent of cock cancer should the UK dare to even consider leaving the EU; their corrupt head honcho fraudulently escaped a jail sentence; and now they are trying their damnedest to wreck Spain.

Spain doesn’t need a lot of help in that regard, but having agreed to assist in facilitating the invasion of the machete-wielding, robbing, stabbing, raping army of illegal African immigrants, the IMF has taken it upon itself to collude in its cultural and economic suicide by trotting out a long discredited line of innumerate bullshit. Immigration is an unalloyed economic good, it insists and Spain needs another five million vibrant multiculturals just to pay its pensions.

A fundamental rule of propaganda is to stick with the lie. Repeat it, reinforce it, recruit talking heads to promote it, campaign to spread it, but never, ever admit it is a lie. Eventually, so the theory goes, people will accept without thinking that being white is racist, privilege must be atoned for, the Jews did it and ‘we need immigrants to pay the pensions of old, economically spent, racist white people’. After all, they stole your future, right kids?

It’s not difficult to pick apart this lie. For a start, it’s a fact that pensioners are putting off retirement and working longer simply because they can. Older workers often earn more and produce more than their young replacements because of a working lifetime of acquiring valuable knowledge and experience. As a result they pay more tax and without young families to raise, no longer consume resources such as schools and child-based medical facilities. Elders are generally well-behaved and rarely take up valuable police time and contrary to the picture of ageing, decrepit bed-blockers, many more older people are living active lifestyles that would shame some people half their age.

But far from retiring older workers, countries need them to work later into life. It is no longer viable for people to routinely retire in their sixties if they are then going to take a pension for a further thirty years. Working longer can keep people out of social care, medical care and state dependence, possibly for decades; post-retirement decline is a major contributor to poor elder lifestyles. But there is one huge elephant in the room; far from immigrants being needed to pay the pensions, it is the would-be pensioners who are needed to pay for the immigrants.

Maintain the lie. Spain has 3.5 million unemployed; import more unemployable. Maintain the lie. Low-paid workers are a drain on the economy; bring in more of them. Maintain the lie. Multiculturalism doesn’t work and immigrants don’t integrate; keep stuffing the ghettoes. Maintain the lie. Mass immigration increases crime, especially fraud and violent crime; keep ‘em coming. Maintain the lie. The IMF is part of the problem; the IMF is part of the solution. What do YOU believe?

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  1. Good article, well said and its nice to see at least some people understand the situation as it really is. In my area we see more and more European pensioners who have never paid a penny into our system moving in. They say they are here to look after the grandchildren while their children work. Of course they get access to all our NHS services and all the benefit of our society that they never supported in any way during their working lives. As we are told they are here to enrich us, it didn't feel like that when I had to wait over 2_weeks to see a doctor last month.