Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Just a matter of time

If we ignore it, perhaps it will go away? This might at first glance appear to be official government policy on islam in Britain, but you don’t have to look very far to see this is not true at all. Not only is the government – and the opposition – not looking away from the very clear muslim problem, it is actively conniving with the muslim brotherhood and its various subsidiaries to overthrow what is left of British identity.

There really is no such thing as a British muslim, as there are British Jews, British Christians, British Sikhs and British Hindus, because islam tolerates no other form of society once it has the power to impose its own totalitarianism on a conquered people. It is what it has done throughout its history and as far as the UK is concerned we are pretty much at tipping point. It may already be too late for our supposed leaders to turn around this oil tanker as it heads for the reef called sharia.

And it is happening across the civilised world; the barbarians are not only at the gates but streaming through, those portals held wide open by the forces of idiocy in authority driven by what I can only assume is a misplaced hope that the traitors will be beheaded last. There was no place for islam in the west until the west made one; past conflicts ensured that. But now, with the willing complicity of governments across Europe the mullahs look down upon beleaguered natives and see that the time is ripe. The EU has done their work for them:

First, create a supranational government and berate all who opposed it as narrow-minded xenophobes. Recruit the morons of the left who see all forms of pride – except of course the holy gay pride – as practically Nazism. Normalise the perverse, abandon the traditional and then open up your borders, usher in the invader with all his distasteful practices and barely veiled hatred of western culture, invite them to set up breeding colonies, protect them as if endangered species and to hammer home the point make judicious examples of all who object.

Import non-English speaking imams to set up jihadi groups and propagate hatred and then use native law to protect their headquarters from any attempt to discover what happens within. Object on cultural grounds to any attempt at restraint and assimilation. Subjugate the police to fawn at their feet and likewise bring in the infidel children to prostrate themselves at allah’s door. Build giant mosques and keep on breeding, keep on building and keep on taking, taking, taking the kuffar’s gold.

Replace native traditions with islamic ones. Make the celebration of Christmas an insult to islam and insist on parity for your minority traditions. Insist on ‘cultural sensitivity’, take over the food chain and make the vassals pay to have everything they eat certified halal. Cry racism and islamophobia at every turn... and keep on breeding.

This week Anjem Choudary is back on the streets, recruiting. The cost of monitoring him is hideous, yet  for fear of being called barbaric ourselves not a hair on his head was touched in jail, unlike others who have gone to prison at the behest of the government’s muslim masters. The police are already lost, the armed forces are rapidly being brought into the same line. Soon the only recourse for the citizen under siege will be direct action, for which they will be vigorously pursued and prosecuted. 

Storm coming

Statistics this week show an increase in the newly fashionable 'hate crime'. It matters not that much of this is perceived injustice and confected nonsense. In particular there seems to be some alarm and surprise that there is a supposed doubling of anti-islamic incidents. Nobody is surprised but the government. But nothing will be achieved by continuing to do nothing, other than facilitate what appears now to be inevitable. Religious war is coming. And we are not ready for it.