Thursday, 4 October 2018

We've got this

There is a curious calculus behind the obsession with immigration. It seems to go: we need to collect more taxes so that we can spend more on people who are getting older and not paying taxes. Therefore, we need even more people to pay taxes, etc, which by an illogical leap shape-shifts into the argument that immigration is ‘a good thing’ conveniently omitting the clear downsides of uncontrolled, un-scrutinised mass immigration from the third world. Then, in attempts to excuse the signal failure of successive governments to look after the very real interests, hopes and aspirations of their indigenous people, population rise is somehow sold as a necessity. It’s not.

Intelligent, educated, useful, productive people make sensible choices in the main. They limit their progeny so as to be able to better provide for them and as they are productive people they have interesting jobs, long progressive careers and can gain fulfilment via a whole range of pursuits. Busy, happy, bustling people find their place in society and muck in; they are the village that raises the kind of child we need to nurture. It might be a schmaltzy, ‘mom and pop’, apple pie kind of vision and you might think the world outgrew the American Dream since the 1950s, but what did we replace that shining visions with?

The bovine lumpen masses have little spark, lead dull, unproductive lives and lacking the intellect – whether by nature or nurture (and there is plenty of evidence for both) – for finer pursuits, turn instead to their animal urges and procreation to create a sense of ease they can only otherwise achieve by drunkenness or football or ‘reality’ TV. Our entire politico-economic model seems to punish thrift and endeavour, while rewarding indolence and greed. And the answer to the ever-burgeoning welfare bill? Bring in hundreds of thousands of destructive, disruptive and costly extra mouths to feed. This is simply unsustainable... and unbelievably stupid.

We should be shrinking the population, ridding ourselves of those who are part of the problem and inculcating in all our citizens the urge to do better. Try harder, exercise restraint, improve yourself, earn more, have just enough kids to replace yourselves and educate them to within an inch of a Nobel prize to do better than you. They should be building and controlling the machines which for a century or more have been widely surmised will eventually do all the drudge work. But the path we are on means we will increasingly look to outsiders to make the machines and write their code.

Sod the end to austerity; sensible austerity should be a default setting for any administration, not building our civilisation on reckless consumption. Cut out the fat, the non-jobs, the psycho-sexual-identity bullshit, the meaningless conveyor belt of useless degrees which only churn out malcontents and moochers. We could do with a bit less diversity, a somewhat less ’vibrant’ (stabby) inner city and it’s time to end the obsession with indulging every individual their own peculiar proclivities.

Destination Britain 2100

Forget the mediocre pathway outlined by Theresa Maybot and let’s look instead for a bold new vision and a leader who isn’t afraid to say, fuck you. Fuck you, Andrew Adonis et al, we’re rescinding your unearned peerages. Fuck you, ‘Human Resources’, you are a big part of the problem. Fuck you, trans-activist aggressors, forcing your freakish, cock-ridden, be-titted bodies on frightened children. And fuck you, Corbynistas, you communist twats. Give us hope, give us jobs, give us education, give us stability and fuck the rest. Who will stand up for Britain? Sit down, Boris, we’ve got this.


  1. The massive influx of newcomers has little effect on the ruling elite as they live in areas to expensive for newcomers to afford or in gated communities with private security. They are able to indulge in virtue signaling and employing cheap nannies and gardeners ect. at the expense of all the ordinary people who end up living in towns where they suffer all the down sides of mass uncontrolled immigration. If you can afford private schools, private health care, and don't do your own shopping or driving then its all fine and there is no problem.

  2. It always annoys me when people say we’re a nation built on immigrants, like America. Actually the statement isn’t completely untrue, but it use to be controlled and don’t allow everyone in without the infrastructure in place. How come can yearly net migration be ten times higher than post-war Britain, a era where we needed to replace the enormous loss of life suffered because of WW2? Just because immigration helped then, doesn’t mean it’s the answer to all our problems. That’s what pissed me off with the criticism of Trump’s ‘Muslim’ ban. It’s ‘un-American’ and ‘we’re a nation built on immigrants’ narratives got espoused. So naive and daft. If the USA and Britain didn’t let another immigrant, they both would still be a rich and diverse country. How much cultural enrichment does one need?

  3. While on the ferry black to UK from France yesterday I heard that the vehicle deck crew had found 10 illegal immigrants hiding in a van. Oh the joys of immigration how lucky are we to have these people coming here to enrich us and our culture. While driving in Calais I was also privileged enough to see dozens of young men hanging around the port and sitting on the verges etc waiting for a chance to sneak into UK. After crossing numerous safe countries they will soon be here to help us out with asylum and benefit claims all with free legal aid thrown in.