Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Live from Englande

We go now, live to the forest, where our time travelling reporter is about to interview a stout yeoman of old England...

Greeting, stout yeoman of Olde Englande!
Less of the olde, if you don’t mind. It might have taken us a few score years to assimilate and Anglify ye French invaders, but they speak Englishe nowe and after much work we have vanquished the Moor and established a vision of Englishe identity which will endure for a thousand years. We just have one last push, to quell those rebellious Scots and then all is, as they sayeth around here, bang on.

So, tell me pray, for what does an Englishman long?
 Only that which a reasonable man might expect. A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. A chance to own my own land and till my own furrow; an acre for my family. Would that I were granted health and happiness and a long life and to see my children enjoy what I have worked for and for them to toil likewise and to pass it on again in perpetuity to their own children. I wish for a legacy, for my time on earth to have value.

Seems pretty reasonable to me. But what of the lame, the sick, the demented?
Such weakness as accrues from sloth would attract my ire – the obese, the idle the drunk, the meddlesome witch, the troubling rabble rouser – and should be discouraged at first but if needs must be banished. But for those ails as may be no fault of thine own I beseech we can provide succour and balm, for it is a characteristic of we Englishe to bestow charity where it is needed.

Might you one day make alliance with a foreign power?
I pray there may be no neede but, of course, should great evil befall the land then if some friendly ally offers treaty in arms to fend off the devils, we should cooperate as pleases and benefits the peoples of both, for as long as is needed to triumph over that which threatens. Thus to the crusades we went in defence of the true way of Albion and her daughters.

And what of a foreign king, should he offer protection for fealty?
Nay, for we have but recently taken in the Norman and made him of our own. The invader has become native, tamed, trained and made civil as befits our Brittanic wayes. All may come here under sufferance that they give up their strange practices and adopt our own in their stead, for to become Englishe is truly to become as a king in thine own castle. We have no use for foreign masters.

Come at me, bruv!

Yet the court seer portends that one day a great nation of Europe shall arise which shall extend the hand of friendship and the shield of protection towards all ye of different faiths, nationalities, creeds, and allegiances. An empire which shall sweep away that which selfish nationhood has built and held for its own. Would you not seek end to war and famine and strife in return for a simple oath of unswerving loyalty to the union and all its agencies?
That can fucke right off.

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  1. Europe offers some protection and a sort of friendship but only if we are prepared to become a vassal state. In the end we will lose everything English including our currency, traditions and way of life. Anyone who wishes to live as a slave to the EU is more than welcome to move to any of the EU regions they want but leave us freedom loving patriots alone.