Sunday, 12 May 2019

It's here. It's happening

It can be an act of defiance, bravery indeed, to dare to agree with somebody on social media. To do so is to take up arms for a cause, it seems, rather than just being the quiet nod of recognition intended. If you are for this then you are against me, etc. When did we get so polarised? So when I replied ‘Agreed’ to Jordan Peterson’s disavowal of the confected offence of ‘islamophobia’ in response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s piece about Christian ethnic cleansing from muslim lands I was immediately challenged to prove that islam is a threat.

The usual to and fro ensued and my interlocutor, on cue demanded ever more vigorously that I provide proof to support my antipathy. My response was that I would consider retracting my approval if he could prove to me that allah exists. The challenge, by the way, goes out to every other religion too. I am an all-inclusive atheist and god-botherers of all persuasions are welcome to proffer up the evidence, actual evidence, of the existence of a non-existent thing. In my turn I am free to consider them mentally deranged, or somewhat feeble.

But, joking aside, it is far from funny because the religion in question is fanatical and it has a proselytising mission to convert the world to islam, by whatever means necessary. Violent jihad is of course the headline grabber, but there are far more insidious moves in play. It matters not that there is no evidence for the existence of god, the existence of invasive theology is all around us, visible to all who would see it. No matter what you believe, islam is a clear and present threat to western democracies.

The news is dominated by danger. Every day brings some new and deadly fear. The response to the invisible threat of climate change; combating coastal erosion, flood plain defences, killing off cars, turning us all vegetarian and so on is far more vigorous than any response to an in-your-face and immediate invasion of people who are not like us. That observation does not make me either racist or xenophobic. It might make me islamophobic, but then it is entirely rational to be somewhat fearful of what is happening in our towns and cities.

The forces of order stand helpless as islamic enclaves spring up; totally segregated ‘communities’ which are treated with kid gloves as if they were fragile forest orchids that would wilt if exposed to the full daylight of forensic scrutiny. The rape gangs and the terror plots are the only things we are allowed to discuss, but even then only from the perspective of understanding, of seeking to educate and integrate so they eventually become as western as we are. But such sops to the mullahs is entirely missing the point.

The bombs and the honour killings, the rapes and the beheadings are merely the overt acts which instill fear. Meanwhile the everyday rape of our own culture continues apace. Every eyesore jerry-built mosque erected via bent planning permission and inadequate building control. Every high street given over entirely to islamic businesses with signs only in Arabic. Every ‘informal’ sharia zone, policing the dress, conduct and even the presence of non-muslims. Every defiant act of aggressive possession by street prayers stopping the traffic. The imposition of halal branding on the entire population. The shutting down of speakers openly against islam. Myriad other examples abound.

We come in peace...

This is the invasion that everybody sees but nobody will tackle. These are the acts of pushing the boundaries, testing the defences and finding them lacking. When people in Oldham, Burnley, Luton, Slough, Manchester, Birmingham and dozens of other towns and cities complain of an islamic takeover this is their daily reality. My Twitterlocutor said[sic]Just prove your allegations. Against Islam. I want explanation how Islam is a threat to your life, culture. Etc Prove the allegations you made” Well, there’s your answer, Abdul; islam is an open threat to the ways of life of literally billions of non-muslims the world over. That threat may not always be physical, but a cultural threat is still a threat. It is real, it is here and it is of great concern.


  1. Living in a town where we have just been informed 40% of our town population is now immigrants I share your fears. I went to the local shop this morning and no one else in the shop was speaking English. A stranger in my own land and a very worried one at that having witnessed two street fights on my road between foreigners in the last month while walking my dog.

    1. And yet you would be vilified for recounting your experience. It has gone too far.

  2. This island fought once before, a long, deadly battle to separate church from state. We called it the Enlightenment, and its advent was lit with human bonfires, That desperately hard won secular middle ground of state must be defended and maintained for the good of all.