Thursday, 16 May 2019

What's the point?

They are coming for Tommy Robinson [NHRN] again. Of course they are; they are terrified that despite the serial no-platforming he still has purchase, he still has resonance and on a level playing field he has a real chance of being elected as an MEP. The reaction of the establishment, instinctively left-wing in structure, is to frantically ban, block, obstruct and smear. In fact hysteria is the constant feature of the loony left’s schtick; everything is portrayed in apocalyptic terms: last chance to: save the NHS, last chance to save the planet, last chance to resist the rise of the far-right..

The shrieking, keyboard-bashing, Guardianista-style commentators have it wrong – and they are so hostage to confirmation bias that they simply can’t see it - pursuing the far right fox as if it was real and not just a figment of their imagination. David Lammy, as a flag-bearer for the most extreme of wolf-criers, daily exceeds even his own propensity for hyperbole and regularly, if tacitly, urges direct action against the imaginary lupine hordes. John McDonnell is less subtle. Thuggish behaviour exists on both sides, but if you kill for animal rights you are a saint, while holding a Brexit banner makes you a Nazi, apparently. And Nazis deserve to be punched, right? When this is the narrative Tommy Robinson [NHRN] being ‘milkshaked’ becomes the act of a freedom fighter

The referendum was an act of direct democracy and certain people didn’t like it. Indeed the EU’s emptiest vessels have openly and loudly decried such blatant exercises of ‘populism’. “Let the people decide? Are you mad?” they cry. We have to decide if democracy is what we want because if we do want it we are inevitably going to get people voting in a way the elected heads disapprove. Trying to stifle the voices, shut down the debate, ban certain views, criminalise certain thoughts is expressly not democracy, it is totalitarianism and yes, this is exactly where socialism leads. If Tommy Robinson is the 'literally Hitler', then socialism is the direct road to full communism; a one-world open borders, ungovernable, chaotic, lowest common denominator planet, where a tiny minority rule over a vast human herd.

How about– and yes I’m going to say it – you just calm down dears. If somebody in a dead-end life in a boarded up street feels the local muslim community is taking over maybe they have a point? When four-year olds are being asked what gender they would like to be; when people think they are being abused and manipulated, marginalised and forgotten, maybe they have a point? When the British taxpayer, squeezed to buggery, wants to resist the too-rapid imposition of a fuel system which does not work for the majority and don’t want to pay yet more tax so that – once again – the better off benefit, maybe they have a point.

It's the same old question, 
but neither side really has the answer.

And when we say that the far right is nothing of the sort; when we point out that raising the spectre of Nazism is a hysterical propaganda move; when we recognise that the millions of working people voting to leave the grand socialist project are peacefully using their vote to express their dissatisfaction and reject the perpetual whining and impositions of the establishment and its leftist institutions... maybe we, too, have a point?


  1. The left wing media (including the BBC) and its wholly owner mouth pieces will say anything as long as they are paid enough. They see the rise of the right and democracy as a very real threat to their fat cat life style and will shriek any rubbish to stave it off. Truth, democracy and anyone who gets in their way can and will be thrown to the wolves without a second thought. They are concerned only with how much they can make for themselves and nothing else. Anyone who doubts this might like to revisit the Andrew Made show last weekend. Andrew is paid some £400,000 of licence payers money a year we were told and it seems he is more than happy to sell his soul for that much silver even if he has to make a total part of himself in the process. Let's hope the Euro and Peterborough elections mark the true beginning of a new way of politics in the UK.

    1. don't believe for a second it is only about money, at least not at public face level. People like Andrew Marr are, I believe, utterly convinced of the virtue of their beliefs and as for remuneration, they inhabit a world where people get paid those sort of sums and see this as normal.
      A far clearer picture emerges if you keep it simple. If there is a grand conspiracy it is a loose one of leftist tradition, but at an individual level people do believe in good and evil. Trouble is, both sides think it is the other who does evil.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I hear what you say but I must say having seen Marr last Sunday I am totally unable to accept he was in any way convinced of the virtue of what he was saying. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for your regular interesting posts.