Friday 8 May 2020

Migration Watch

We are harbouring an invader which threatens the very fabric of our society. A creeping menace insidious and inserted in every corner of our land, which will, unchecked, destroy all that we hold dear. And it is neither the corona virus nor the government’s response to it. It has been observed plenty of times that the west’s tolerance is one of its biggest weaknesses. In seeking to confer fair judgment and equality we have, time and again been exploited by those who have no reciprocal appreciation of the tolerance afforded them.

For a decade now the Conservative and coalition governments have continued to say it will tackle the problem of illegal immigration. Daily we see reports of dozens, hundreds even, landing on the Kent coast alone. These are the ones we know about, and almost none of them are being returned. In fact we are told that only around 5% are ever, eventually, deported to wherever they came from. In the meantime we are responsible for their welfare. Think about that; they commit a crime injurious to us as a nation, but it is we, the victims of that crime, who must pay.

International rules about conduct at sea mean that outside an act of war we can’t endanger them by sinking their boats. And if they deliberately sink their own boats we are compelled to rescue them. Our border ‘force’ appears to use no force at all but instead acts more like a courtesy escort service. Certain EU provisions mean that we are powerless to simply tow them or ferry them back to France and no doubt intercepting them in the parts of the Channel under French dominion would have its own legal implications.

It might be helpful if Priti Patel, as Home Secretary gave us a full account, in layman’s terms of the complexity and difficulty, but no doubt there are political reasons why this might be problematic. The argument can, of course, be made that if we land them we know where they are, but given that a couple of years ago the Home Office estimated that we had around 1.2 MILLION illegal immigrants, is that as wise as some may think.?

Are they detained, in which case, where? Or is it far more likely that they have submitted their bogus asylum claims, which prevent them being immediately ejected and have been released into the general community to vanish without trace? To give you an idea of the scale of this, as at 30th June 2019, the total UK prison population was 82,676. That means there are almost FIFTEEN TIMES as many foreign criminals at large than domestic criminals under lock and key. And it is worth repeating that this is just the number we know about.

But the creeping menace isn’t the migrants themselves; they are just doing what perhaps all of us would do if we truly believed life would be better elsewhere and we had the means to make that move. The menace is the industry which has grown up around their presence. It is an interesting case study in capitalism yet driven exclusively by the left in a staggering example of doublethink. Through persistent lobbying, marketing the notion of multiculturalism and branding all dissenters as racists, this insidious and deeply damaging industry employs thousands if not hundreds of thousands of activists, paid for by the public purse but doing not one bit of public good.

Even were La Patel to be able to extricate us from international treaties and conventions, pacts and promises, I very much doubt that the situation would change and certainly not in the short term. The worst of it is that we allowed ourselves to be browbeaten into accepting it. We deliberately chose not to delve too deeply and when whistle-blowers popped up they were side-lined and ignored. In the 1980s we faced a deadly disease in response to which the government launched the slogan – AIDS: Don’t die of ignorance. Perhaps the same slogan should apply to our immigration situation.


  1. If you doubt the zeal of Boarder Force try being an old British man coming back from Belgium with some tobbaco in your bag. I have been questioned at least every other time I have been through customs in spite of having legal quantities of tobbaco. This can take up to 20 minutes while you watch the vans and trucks roll by freely while your bring grilled. Older Brits are easy meat, you get the required number of boxes ticked with no problems. Illegal immigrants, forget it they go for the easy ones every time.